Leprechaun Carol Slots

Let it be said that, although we actually do hate leprechauns in general, we had a fairly decent time with this game. Although we feel the theme itself is an odd assortment of strange things, the wonderful artwork and the inherent uniqueness to it all does make this one that you will have a hard time forgetting. It does look a little bit creepy, but at the same time, that is part of its charm. It’s sort of like a creepy little gremlin Christmas tale, which they actually probably have made come to think of it!

This one is a wonderful offering from Octopus Gaming’s Pragmatic Play software, so it will play just as good as all the other titles that you are used to seeing that are backed by them. There are the usual five reels here, and in this case, 20 pay lines. There are also a number of multipliers that will show up, as well as the usual assortment of features that you will see in a game like this. Some of them include a random spin features, which are divided into two types. The first is called the raining wilds, and the second is called pick a fiddle. Everything here mostly results in you getting free spins, and is appreciated!

We found this game to be nice for a quick little play through, although if you are put off by the leading character like we are, it may be hard to sit down for far too long. It’s sort of like playing a Christmas game that has Chuckie from the Child’s Play movies in it, which for us, is actually one of our leading nightmares! If they had just changed the lead character, we could’ve seen ourselves playing this game all throughout any holiday season. Because of him, however, we have to limit our time with it.

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game is pretty much a Christmas themed game, denoted by the word Carol in the title. The way they tried to distinguish it, however, is by also adding a leprechaun to it, rather than elves, or Santa Claus. This is a very innovative decision and we have never seen anything like it before in our entire lives. Even in films, we haven’t seen a leprechaun Christmas. If you enjoy these little mythical creatures, you will appreciate this game. If you were put off by the way they designed the lead character like we are, however, you will find yourself mostly wishing that they had change that one little thing about the game, as the rest of it is very well put together!

Things We Liked the Most

The thing we like the most about this game, despite hating the lead character, is definitely the graphics. They are so well done that we wish they would have been featured in a far less creepy looking game. Everything about the theme is perfectly executed around them in that way, it all looks hand painted. If they had simply changed the face on the leading character, it would have come together perfectly. Our second favorite feature about this game are that there are two bonus modes, each of which comes up often enough to keep things interesting.

Things We Didn’t Much Care For

We’ve already touched on this a bunch, so this will be the last time we mention it: the main character in this game is one of the creepiest looking little leprechauns we have ever seen. We do not find his face endearing, but disturbing. This might just be us, and other people might fall in love with him. We’re not a big fan of things that look like him, however, so it was very irksome the entire time we were playing the game. That really is the one thing we dislike about it, which is somewhat of a complement in its own way!

The Overall Presentation in the Game

This game is wonderfully painted in vibrantly colorful. The Christmas theme is perfectly done, and every single pixel about the game looks like it was made with love and care. The reel images are a joy to look at, and even the backgrounds look absolutely wonderful. The only thing holding this game back for us is the lead character, everything else looks lovely!

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

This is actually one of the stronger points of the game, being fairly fast paced, and having a lot of bonus rounds that will keep you guessing all the way. The multipliers are also very decent, and everything comes together quite well.

Our Experience When We Played It

When we played it, after we got over the lead character, we sat down for a large number of spins. Although we ourselves did not break even with the money we put into it on our run of it, we do have a lot of fun, and bet small amounts to hedge our losses. Everything seemed fair, and we always did feel like we were very very close to getting a pay out! If we had spent longer time with it, maybe we would have.

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Leprechaun Carol Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Leprechaun Carol Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that it is a well made game with a lot of charm and a very unique theme, and is only held back by some of the visual design decisions. Although the jackpots aren’t here, the winnings certainly are, and if you love Christmas, then this one is a one of a kind way to spend any holiday season while winning back some of the money you spent on presents!