Kate’s Waddle Slots

This slot is an elusive game that provides excellent potential for exceptional payouts. Scant information is available online about this slot experience called Kate’s Waddle. That has piqued interest and anticipation even more! What can be revealed here is that the game uses a tried and well-tested format consisting of 5-reels along with 10 pay lines where you can put coins to wager. The interface is intuitive to use and satisfying, and a well structured mobile version is also on offer. The beautifully designed theme is populated by a collection of animal characters symbols that land upon the reels. When you get more than two identical ones, they will reward you with a grand payout prize. Released by Arrow’s Edge, this online slot game has an interesting setup and immersive atmosphere full of surprises, twists and turns. The 10 pay lines allow for a wide range of betting possibilities that will suit all players and their respective bankrolls.

Mobile Kate

Kate’s Waddle serves up a brilliantly designed mobile version of this game. It hits all the right buttons and works smoothly and super efficiently. It loads up quickly as long as your WiFi connection is adequate, and you are indeed in for a real treat playing this online slot on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. The game has been optimised to be fully compatible with all the latest mobile devices and the latest operating systems. You are guaranteed a seamless mobile experience. The downloadable version of the game is easily accessible. Alternatively, you can use the ultra-convenient Instant Play system which is based on Adobe Flash technology. This option has no waiting time and works as well as the desktop version of the slot game. The graphics on any mobile device are extremely clear and vibrant and create a marvellous game.

Penguins & Sea Creatures

The animal symbols that populate the game and land upon the reels are a lively and amusing bunch. They will make you smile as they get animated whenever you win a payout. The variety of original character game symbols is a major positive, and you will find gems such as an Igloo, Kate the Penguin, an Orca whale, another Penguin, a Polar Bear, a Seagull, an Arctic Ship, and a majestic Walrus. They all accompany Kate the Penguin on her animated adventures and escapades.

Wagering with Kate

The standard layout with 10 pay lines is very comfortable to wager on, with the various betting options serving up the variety, no player will be dissatisfied. Coin values commence at just 1 cent per coin and there are many coin values to choose from including $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.06, $0.07, $0.10, $0.14, $0.17, $0.25, $0.30, $0.50, $0.70, $0.80, $2, $2.50, $3, $4, $5, $7. The topmost coin size is $8. Betting the max coin size on all the pay lines sets up a top betting limit of $240 per spin. The whole betting system can be ably controlled by using the on-screen game buttons elaborately designed and easy to access. There is just the one coin size, 10 cents, yet the 10 pay lines and betting options are nevertheless adequate as you can put 10 coins on every pay line. The top bet limit is $10 a spin, while the minimum is only $0.10. The comprehensive choice of betting possibilities means all players will appreciate the variety.

Penguin Controls

The designated on-screen control buttons are set at the base of the game screen, right beneath the reels. They allow complete customisation of your bets and they are incredibly straightforward to use and intuitively designed. You can easily adjust your bets, and you can use the useful AutoPlay feature, where you can set as many auto spins as you wish. The betting process works flawlessly on a mobile device, and you have a range of betting options since you can put as many as 10 coins on each of the pay lines. The array is vast enough to interest high rollers as well as standard betting players.

Jumping Orca Bonus Feature

The game has a fun, and pleasant bonus round called the Jumping Orca feature. When you get three Scatter game symbols to land upon your reels, the round starts up, and you get loads of additional chances to win high payouts that supersede the ones you can get during the base game.


Kate’s Waddle slots is an extremely well-structured game with an atmospheric and immersive theme that fully envelopes the gameplay from start to end, crafting a pleasant wagering environment. The impressive layout is amusing and engaging, and the symbols fit into the animal them well. The payouts are frequent, yet rather modest. The wagering is able controlled by the on-screen game buttons which will permit you to customise the bets and the game itself to suit your preferences. The mobile version is compatible with all modern mobile phones and tablets, so you are assured a fantastic experience whichever model you use. Kate’s Waddle Slot has some great casino features that add to the overall experience and contribute tremendously to the fun and entertaining gameplay. You should give Kate’s Waddle Slot a try. It is unusually satisfying and an enjoyable game to play with excellent payout potential.