Chef Wars Slots

Chef Wars Slots
Ready, steady, cook! Time to cook to your heart’s content. This is a celebrity chef’s dream. Chef War Slots is probably the first ever food competition themed slots casino game. Is this new dish worth waiting for? It’s time for you to find out.

The scene is set for a television studio set where the bright lights are focused on the stage and the kitchen table has utensils scattered about. The chef is patiently waiting for the next order. The reels look brilliant with several dishes on them that look so good that they will make your mouth water. There is also competition in these slots and you will feel as though you are in the spotlight of a real to life TV show.

Chef War Slots has 5 reels with twenty pay lines. Become a master chef as you become an expert at making your way around the kitchen. Follow a professional master chef as he cheers you on with your endeavours and helps you pick up large winnings. You will find your winning pay lines to the left and right of the reels. The lines will be highlighted when you win so you can see exactly what it is that you have won.

When you play Chef War Slots, the wild symbol is the trademark of the game. It will complete any active pay lines which you might have and it will substitute itself with other symbols. You can win a staggering 5000 coins if you hit five wilds and this is the biggest reward in this game. Pick the right dish because there is also a scatter symbol which is the big golden trophy. If you manage to get three or more trophy symbols, you will then be taken to the Winning Dish feature. Now you can pick from 8 special plates so that you can earn big prizes. You can win a maximum prize of up to 1000 x times your bet. The kitchen is getting hot, the chef is demanding perfection and it is up to you to calm the pace down. Everywhere around chefs and waiters are running in and out of the kitchen with hot plates ready to serve the customers? Can you restore some sanity to this chaos? It is up to you to be able to take the heat and come out with the winning dish in hand.

One of the symbols in this game is the competitor so you really have to look out for this one. The lighting in this game make you feel as though you are in a war of the kitchen. There is a brilliant red light which tops off the tense atmosphere. You can adjust your bets according to what you require. Under the bottom of the reels, from left to right, there are lines, bet per line, total bet, auto play and the big green spin button. If you want to increase you bet press the Up arrow and if you want to decrease your bet press the Down button. To find out the value of the symbols as well as your winnings in Chef War Slots you will need to press the pay table button where you will find out all that you need to know. To find out the total win display just look to the top right of the reels. This game offers an easy recipe to follow which allows the action to fly around the kitchen. All that is need is that you keep your wits about you.

Chef War Slots is unique in its own right in that it uses an unusual theme for its slots. This theme is still being discovered by the world of casino gaming. It is a comparably new venture which is being well received by all players and is receiving much attention for its novelty. If you are a foodie yourself you are sure to love the theme of these slots as well as the busy kitchen and the aroma of the succulent dishes. Waltz around the waiters being rushed off their feet as you deliver the meals on time to the diners. This is a game which combines food and the kitchen to the casino games. Play your favourite game while smelling your favourite food. Sometimes, you can actually smell the aroma of the meals as they go by steaming out of the kitchen.

This is truly a spectacular game which is innovative in its theme. Who would have thought of combining culinary dishes with casino games? The idea is genius and slowly catching on. You are bound to make big winnings in this really awesome game. Now is the time to try your hand ant that dosh and make big winnings at the same time. Where Chef Wars lead, others follow.