New Sugar Pop Slot Game

It’s always good to welcome a new slots game into the mix, and that’s exactly what has happened recently. The brand new Sugar Pop slot game is bound to attract lots of players as it provides you with a new take on online slots. Let’s find out more about it.

How many reels and paylines are there?

While this is a video slot it doesn’t work in the same way as other slots games. There are no reels and paylines as such – instead it works on a five by five grid. Although it looks as though there are five dedicated reels in play you will actually find yourself with as many as 243 ways to win on every spin. As you play the game you will see how effective these methods are.

If you have played the infamous Candy Crush on your cell phone or tablet you will undoubtedly recognize the theme in play here too. It tries to appeal to the same market – but will you be hooked on playing this slot game?

Are there any bonus features?

You could say the entire game is a bonus feature. There are several levels to advance through as you are playing the game. When you line up a minimum of three identical candies you can advance towards the next level and hopefully rake in some cash as well.

What are the largest and smallest bet amounts?

When you begin you will notice the default amount is ten cents. However you can reduce this to two cents at the minimum or fifty cents at the highest end of the scale. You can also automate your spins if you want to wager a set amount and then sit back and watch the game proceed.

Does the game have any special symbols?

Yes – there are lots of special candies in play and these will help you get to higher levels of the game. The special pieces include a candy cane, cotton candy, white chocolate and a Jawbreaker candy. These appear on different levels and each one has a different purpose.

Start playing the Sugar Pop slot game today!

One of the interesting things about the Sugar Pop slot game is that it provides you with a different feel to the usual games you’ll see.Try it today and see how many levels you can unlock and enjoy while you play Sugar Pop slots.