How Many Lines You Can Play Per Game

The BetOnline casino is a great one for both newbies to online slots and more experienced players too. The amount of information they give you is pretty amazing, especially when it comes to taking a quick look at what their online slots games have to offer.

Is it easy to see how many lines there are in each game?

It’s very easy – and you can find out the answer right there on the home page. You shouldn’t even have to scroll down to see the various games on offer – look for favorite games, table games, slots and so on listed across the page. Click on slots and all those games will appear beneath the selection.

Each game is represented by its logo, superimposed by a shot of the actual game screen. You also get a scroll at the bottom of each one. This depicts the number of reels on each game and the number of lines to be played.

For example, Pharaoh King is a 5-reel, 20-line game. Out of This World is shown as a 5-reel, 9-line game. You can easily see which games give you the most lines to play, or the least, if you want something that is a little easier on your budget.

Can you find out more about the game you like?

You sure can. Just click on the icon for the game you like and a pop-up screen will appear. This shows you a larger version of the game screen along with some information about what to expect from the game itself. You can also decide whether you want to join the site to play for real cash or whether you want to play for fun. If you choose the latter you can try it out and then decide if you want to play for real cash. It’s a great way to get to grips with a game before you do anything else.

Check out the slots games on BetOnline now

As you can see the BetOnline site has made light work of finding the best slots games for you to check out, depending on how many lines you’d like to bet on. Of course you don’t have to bet on the maximum number of lines but the easy to find information on these games makes it easier to choose the best options for you.