Hurdy Gurdy Slots

What in the world is a "hurdy gurdy?" Yes, it is the name of a slots game that is attracting attention online. Why not give it a try? But the interesting name comes from a musical instrument that has its roots in Europe (particularly Holland). The hurdy gurdy is also known as a wheel fiddle. It's a stringed instrument that produces sound when a hand-cranked wheel rubs against the strings. Fast forward from Europe of long ago to 2010 and play Hurdy Gurdy, a new slots game from Wager Gaming Technology former Vegas Technology. The overall theme is Dutch/storybook, with images of wooden shoes, cowbells, cheese and other fascinating graphics. This is a five-reel, 25 pay line game with a blue sky, windmill and rural scenery to please the eye. Try Hurdy Gurdy slots at a Wager Gaming Technology casino today.

It's a Girl!

For slots purposes, Hurdy Gurdy is a young girl with golden hair. This image serves as the Wild or substitute for making winning combinations. You'll know when she has done her job because her eyes roll back in her head! You need a minimum of three symbols on a payline (except Wild and Scatter). The milk pail serves as the Scatter symbol. Hurdy Gurdy is powered by WGT software so it is certainly above average in the online world. There isn't much audio or music but you do get the reels and some sounds to announce wins. Coin values range from one penny to $10, which means you can wager up to $250. Winning numbers range from 15 credits for three mill or flower symbols to 7000 for five images of Hurdy Gurdy. Between these extremes you might see 1000 or 3000 for other Dutch characters or 500 for five friendly bovines (cows).

Free Spins Too!

If the lovely girl, tulip or Jahn (the male figure) appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 in order the software triggers a free-game feature. Payout is tripled during the free-spins portion of the game. This can be re-triggered. Three or more milk pails trigger the bonus feature for this game. A scene showing a cow graphic and five buckets is the featured screen. If you haven't guessed it, the object of the game is to kick the bucket. Actually, the cow kicks three buckets chosen by the player and prizes are revealed. This is a solid game with an interesting theme. However, the free-spins and bonus features are difficult to come by.