Forrest Gump Slots

Cryptologic and Paramount Pictures brings you Forrest Gump

The first thing that you realize when playing this slot for the first time is the high max bet. $500 per spin is perfect for high rollers who enjoy the big risks knowing that they come with big rewards! The 25 paylines is a true giveaway to this detail. Coin size can be reduced to 1c so a spin on all paylines can cost as little as 25c. Not bad for a more cautious player or even when your budget is a little tighter.

This video slot, created by Cryptologic who has been in the game for 15 years as a software developer, is based on the award winning movie. The symbols feature famous scenes from the movie including Forrest sitting on a bench waiting for the bus and a box of chocolates derived from his famous saying "Life is a box of chocolates, you never know which one you gonna get.". The determination in this young man is inspiration to many and the heart warming theme is reciprocated with heart warming payouts. Play Forrest Gump Slots now!

Claiming your wins

The first and most important point to take into consideration is bet on all 25 paylines. If you are watching your balance this is the perfect game since it can be played for as little as 25c a spin. Everything in this game is based on an activated payline and some features require 5 symbols. De-activating a payline will lose you the opportunity to play one of the big bonuses in this slot.

The paytable is very easy to understand and show the payouts for each winning combination. Before playing the game go through the payouts and the rules of each bonus round. That way you don't waste any valuable rewards.

Know your symbols and ace your game

In this game your joker type symbol is Forrest sitting on the bench. This will fill in for any symbol to complete one of the 27 possible winning combinations. Remember Lieutenant Dan Taylor from the movie? 5 of his symbols on the screen will pay out the highest possible jackpot of 5000 coins. Multiply that by the maximum coin size of $20 and you get $100 000. With that kind of cash even Forrest will blush!

The bonus symbol is the football and three or more box of chocolates will reward you with free spins. You never know how many you are going to get though.

Other symbols include the platoon leader, the flower power peace medallion and Jenny, the love of his life.

Bonus after bonus to entertain and delight

If there was a Hollywood jackpot it would have been won by Forrest Gump. The feature in this game is a random jackpot and it can be paid out regardless of symbols. This feature is a sweet treat and is very interactive. Spin together four scenes to make a movie and move up the ranks of bronze, silver then gold to hit the more valuable jackpots.

Another feature is Run Forrest Run and triggered by the football. Football scenes from the movie are played out as you are taken to a real arcade style game. Click the 2 arrows to help Forrest avoid oncoming players and get him to score.

Can you imagine that any game has three bonuses? Well how about free spins, there is no set amount of free spins and this is determined when you get five rounds to pick from the 9 chocolates. Match the chocolates up and your free spins is multiplied

Download and open an account to get spinning

As with the highly underestimated Forrest, there is more going on in this game than meets the eye. Three different bonuses and generous payouts this is a must play for all gamers who love the fun and excitement of video slots.