After Night Falls

After Night Falls: New Slots Release Review at AC Casino

The great thing about playing slots games at AC Casino is you’ll have the chance to check out some of them in free play mode. We’ve discovered a few new games about to strike at this website, one of which is called After Night Falls. Check out our review of this new game right here.

It’s a 3D game and it is very high quality too. You’ll soon see the various features and characters in play, such as the detective, the granny and of course the thief.

How many reels and paylines are there?

The game has a pretty standard layout with five reels and 30 paylines in total to get to grips with.

Are there any special symbols in play?

Yes, the magnifying glass will give you moving wilds. The magnifying glass moves too, giving you more chances of getting winning lines. Watch out for the granny too as she is the scatter symbol. Three or more of these allow you to look inside the granny’s apartment to see where she has been broken into. You are guaranteed a prize whichever location you pick.

What are the maximum and minimum bets?

You can bet anything from two cents to 50 cents per coin, with as many as five coins available to bet per spin. With 30 lines available this means you can bet as little as two cents on a single line to a massive $75 on one spin, with five coins on every single line. As such it’s good for a variety of players thanks to the diversity of the amounts you can play with.

Does the game have a bonus round?

Yes, it has more than one. One of these rounds brings you free spins from the detective’s own office. Another one is the granny round, while a third brings you the 5 Rooms Click Me feature. Get three or more criminals on the reels and you’ll get a chance to try this. Play a few rounds to discover the other great bonus opportunities too.

Download and play After Night Falls today!

At the time of writing the game wasn’t available for free play at the AC Casino. However if you log in and play for real you might be lucky. Clearly they are on the verge of making the game live – along with several others – so you could be one of the first to play it for real. Good luck!