Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Online Slots

Enter Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Online Slots for the Ride of Your Life

The drama and suspense is so thick at Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Online Slots that you'll be able to cut it with a knife, or in this case, a Secret Sword. From the intro video to the very first note of background music and through every single spin you'll take, there is an intense feeling that something big is about to happen at any moment. This intensity is more than matched by the hard hitting, super sexy Lara Croft who has the capacity to look you in the eye, smile, then shoot you dead if she deems you a threat. That kind of no nonsense action is what this game is all about. The cutting edge graphics, emotionally gripping musical score, intense bonus rounds and of course constant presence of Lara herself all conspire to make this one of the most popular and loved games online today. Microgaming has again proven that they know how to strategically partner up with the best third party products to produce better and better slots games. Seek out and conquer Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Online at your earliest possible convenience (NOW!) to discover why everyone is spinning their way to adventure here.

Harness the Tools of the Trade and You'll Take Home the Secret Sword

Nobody will deny that Lara Croft has been naturally endowed with all the right tools to get the job done. That said, she is always training and keeping an eye out for everything going on around her. That's because any little detail could signify either enemy or friend and mark the beginning of a new adventure. So too with this rich slots game, you need to know what all the important symbols mean so you can be best prepared to hit the big win. Here is just a taste of what you'll need to know. Lara's mug shot substitutes for all symbols except for the Secret symbol Free Spins activator and the Passport symbol Global Adventure Bonus activator. You can also win up to 7500 times your coin size when you hit five Lara symbols. There are 4 additional Lara symbols, each one catching her in the thick of the action. Hit the Free Spins with the patented Rolling Reels, potentially resulting in a series of consecutive wins which are all multiplied. When a Passport symbol lands on the center of all five reels, you've just triggered the Global Adventure Bonus. Here, you select a location from around the world to begin your search for the Hidden Sword Fragments, which you need to put back together. Watch out for booby traps, two of which will end the Bonus Game. Occasionally, a random encounter may award you a chance to continue with your quest. The Hidden Treasure Bonus awards you one of the following possibilities; all wins for that location, a 2X multiplier, a bonus value or an entry into the Shootout Bonus. In the Shootout Bonus, you choose from a selection of huge discs which are hiding mystery values. You much choose wisely. As you can see, it's a story, within a story, within a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Online Slots is Pure Adrenaline

Download Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Online Slots today for brilliant graphics and intense and rewarding gaming action. Every level of this game will keep you coming back for more and more. Get spinning today at your favorite Microgaming Online Casino.