Sumo Slots

Sumo slots have 5 reels and 25 pay lines. This is also a bonus slot game that is powered by Vegas Technology. Sumo pretty much about says it all…the game is about Sumo wrestlers. The main concept is for the Sumo wrestler to win the round, snatch the trophy and impress his beautiful waiting lady. The theme has awesome graphics and super sound.

Sumo Slots Information

Look for the Trophy because it is the much anticipated Trophy! It's always great to hit a Bonus Round every now and then too. The Sumo Wrestler is going to be your Wild Symbol that can sub for all but the Scatter but if you happen to win with the Scatter then multiply your bet by the number of coins that you wagered. Go and play the Bonus Round anytime that you get a minimum of three Trophies. What makes it even easier to win is that the Trophy can be anywhere.

As expected…other things that make up the perfect Sumo match are the referee, stars, ringmaster, the geisha, and the AKQJT symbols. Filled with Japanese culture Sumo Slots has a great Bonus Round plus there are more chances of winning with 25 pay lines. Those that like to bet modestly and those that are high rollers can have a great time playing Sumo Slots. Play with coin values of .01 to $10.

Bet the max of 25 coins per spin and the max amount of $250 per spin. Get the Wild Symbol or the Scatter Symbol and take advantage of the opportunity of doubling your money or heading to the Bonus Round. Three or more Scatters get you some Free Spins! Sumo Slots has especially high payouts and it is simple and really easy to play. Great for the novice or the skilled player.

The Bonus Round has a circle with nine Trophies in it and as you find one at a time your cash amounts will be revealed. Find nine and win nine times! Hopefully you loaded up before you got to the Bonus Round because that is going to depend on how much you will win. The more matches that you get in a row, the bigger your win will be. Get five Sumo's for the big jackpot. Once you get to the Bonus Round you are guaranteed to win something!