Private Eye Slots

This 1950's detective slot has all the elements from the old black and white movies, the suspense and the predictable story line not to mention the old black telephone, the receiver of suspicious news. So can you solve this mystery by lining up all the clues on the reels and solve yet another case? Join the world of money laundering, underground mobsters and the heroes that save the day at Crazy Cherry Slots Casino. For them making the headlines is not a novelty anymore. The refurbished graphics from the old movies are bright and true to the crime sagas that had us entertained. Don't let the entertainment stop now, let the slots go on. Download and play Private Eye Slots

Solving crimes for this bunch is like playing a game

This slot conforms to Microgaming's seemingly preferred payout mode and instead of paying out on paylines this is done by lining up matching symbols right next to each other. Depending on the symbol all you need is to line up, usually 3 symbols, right next to each other and you have a win! Matching symbols up like this means a huge 243 ways to win. So while there are no paylines in each bet all 243 ways are active no matter the bet size or coin value. Adjust the coin value on the left next to the balance window from 1c per coin to 25c per coin and decide how many coins to stake. The max bet is in the middle range sitting at $62.50 a click.

Catch them if you can

The heavily trenchcoat'ed Private eye is one of the scatters in this downtown hive of criminal activity. Scatters are a great way to win and need not be lined up to payout. Instead of simply adhering to the payout table he acts as a multiplier where 3 scatters can pay you double your bet and 5 scattered across the reels will pay you a crime solving 100 times your bet! This is where placing max bet really pays off and can win you $6 250 in one lucky twist of events. Take a closer look at the microscopic clues left behind by the perpetrator with the other scatter, the magnifying glass. This ever important tool only appears on the left three reels and to open the bonus round all three of them need to be present. The newspaper boy, found only on the 3 reels on the right, shouts the headlines and also offers up some free spins. All you need is 3 bunched together to play the short bonus round and the spins are yours for the winning.

Catch the gorgeous redhead with the smoking gun in her evening gown on the reels closely followed by the shiny Rolls Royce, essential in all high class crime tales. The investigators tools of the trade, his special zoom lens camera, hand-cuffs as well as his badge make significant contributions to his success at catching the mobster red-handed, cash, whiskey and cigar in hand.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The magnifying glass on all three left hand reels takes you to another screen where the private eye has clues spread out on his table including a photograph of a sultry lady, a revolver, cigar and matches as well as a little black book, likely belonging to the criminal and recovered at the crime scene. The black telephone sits just in front of the PI's hand and while he is not disturbed he can carefully analyze each of these 9 clues laid out in front of him. Each clue clicked reveals a prize and just let it be the missing magnifying glass and we are whisked off to another inter-leading bonus screen. This time you have 5 of the most notorious gangsters staring you in the face. All you have is one shot to reveal the leader and walk off with a handsome cash reward. Consolation prizes are still offered for the capture of the rest of the gang though so there is never anything to be lost! The newspaper is never wrong so when it comes along on the last 3 reels all at the same time you are prompted to browse through the headlines at the newspaper stand. Just choose 3 papers to show how many spins you get. There are 20 possible spins to choose carefully!

Private eye has been paid for a job well done

Two inter-leading bonus rounds and free spins, state of the art graphics and intrigue, this is almost better than hot 7's current freeroll tournaments! What more can you want from a slot game? Microgaming knows what their players want so take your chances at hitting it big and hitting it fun. Play the no pressure practice play mode or let the big time roll on in real play. Get a brand new account and start today!