Interac Corporation started out in 1984, quickly becoming the world-class debit and payment method of choice among Canadians. As one of Canada’s leading brands, Interac has a broad-based acceptance, top reliability, security and super efficiency. It is used over 16 million times each day, for payments or to exchange money. Over the last three decades Interac Corp. through its predecessors, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation, has facilitated financial transactions and money transfers using innovative and secure methods and transfer solutions. Interact has also developed into a leader in the detection and prevention of fraud, on fact, Interac has one of the lowest levels of fraud in the industry, which has cemented its position as a leader in its field. With various prestigious shareholders owning part of Interac such as; credit unions, banking corporations, payment processors and merchants, it is clear this is a serious and robust operation. Continually innovating and trying new and better ways to offer a service, Interact has infiltrated every facet of life. Of particular interest to online casino players, Interac provides some exceptional benefits and advantages. The first of which is:


The ease of use and sheer convenience of using Interac is one of the main advantages. It is actually akin to paying by a credit or debit card. It can be used at various establishments and merchants across Canada, as well as online. There are multiple ATMs in Canada where Interac can be used to withdraw cash.


Using Interac is risk-free, safe and secure. There is a PIN identification number, with two-factor authentication. This system is useful and foolproof, as it can only be activated with the two-factor authentication system. It is virtually impossible for anyone to use the card without the PIN and mobile or alternative device for activation; this will eliminate the worry of theft.

Consumer Protection

The card offers consumer protection to all Canadians, who are protected via The Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services, as this is an added layer of protection that solidifies Interac’s reputation and broad appeal throughout Canada.

Safe and Private

Another significant advantage is that Interac offers privacy and security, so users of the system will be adequately protected at all times, which is achieved by only allowing a minimum amount of players’ information to be used, thereby protecting the identity of the user.

Online Transactions

Of supreme interest to players, Interac processed debit card fees, which can be accepted at various online casinos as a viable option. The system also allows users to control their spending and budgeting. Online transactions are processed speedily and efficiently, which they no associated fees. There may be a minimal charge by the banking institution, but apart from that, the service is free of charge.


Interac debit cards have natural, built-in security features. They include protection from fraud tactics such as card-not-present transactions, counterfeiting, and transaction replay. The funds are always protected as the financial institution will authorise the payment.

The Products

There are various products offer by Interac. They include debit cards, debit payments, Interac Cash through the use of ATMs. Interac Flash allows users to hold up the card at a point of sale, without any contact. Interac e-Transfer, which will be of interest to online casino players. It allows the transfer of money from one account to another. There is Interact Online, which enables home Banking directly from a bank account. Interac also supports mobile payments solutions. Cardholders also get access to over 2 million ATMs across the United States.

Interac is committed to being a service provider of excellence, with minimal fees involved, thereby offering unparalleled levels of service and economical prices. In fact, most services are without fees. Nevertheless, some financial institutions might charge customers a minimal fee of about $1.50 per transaction. Interac has become a household name, and an online casino that accepts Interac should be commended as it makes players’ lives easier. The fact that Interact has so many other uses than just online payments, or is an exemplary payment method and a cost-effective and efficient one as well.

Interac Payment Method

Interac started in 1984, quickly becoming a world-class payment method. As one of the leading brands in Canada, Interac has an extremely broad-based acceptance, superior reliability, complete security and super efficiency. Interac is used more than 15 million times a day, for online payments or to change money. Over the last thirty years, Interac through its predecessors, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation facilitates financial transfers using innovative, safe and secure methods and reliable transfer solutions. Interact has steadily developed into a world-leader in detection and prevention of fraud. Interac has one of the lowest fraud levels in the industry, and that has helped to cement its position as a world-leader. With prestigious stakeholders such as credit unions, banks, payment processors and online merchants, it is clear Interac is a severe and robust payment operation. The company continues to innovate, trying new and better methods to offer an online service. Interact has managed to infiltrate almost every facet of everyday life. Interac provides exceptional benefits and advantages for online casino players, including the most below.

Advantages of Using Interac Deposit Method

The ease of use and convenience of Interac is one of the key advantages. It is almost like paying by credit or debit card. You can use it at various online casinos, establishments and merchants all over Canada and online. There are many high street ATMs where you can use Interac to withdraw cash. Interac is risk-free, safe, reliable and secure. You get a PIN identification number along with two-factor authentication. The system is advantageous and foolproof. You can only activate it with two-factor authentication. It is impossible to use the card without the unique PIN number and mobile or alternative activation device which eliminates the worry of theft.

The card offers excellent consumer protection with The Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Card Services, which adds another layer of protection solidifying Interac’s excellent reputation and broad appeal. A significant advantage is Interac offers complete privacy and security, so you are adequately protected at all times. That is achieved by allowing only a minimum amount of player information, thereby protecting the users' identity. Online Transactions are of supreme interest to players. Interac is accepted at many online casinos, and the system allows you to control your spending and budgeting better. Online transactions are always processed quickly, with no associated fees. There may be a minimum charge by the bank, but apart from that, it is free of charge. Interac cards have built-in security features that include protection against fraud such as card-not-present type transactions, counterfeit, and transactions replays. Your funds are protected as soon as the financial institution authorised the payment. There are various exclusive products offered by Interac, including debit cards, debit payments, and ATMs. Interac Flash allows you to hold up the card at the point of sale, without contact. Interac e-Transfer, which is of interest to online casino players, allows money transfers from one account to another one. Interact Online enables home banking directly from your bank account. Interac supports all mobile payment solutions, and Cardholders gain access to over 2 million ATMs! Interac is committed to providing exceptional service with minimum fees, thereby offering you unparalleled levels of high-quality service and economical prices. Most services are without charges, while some financial institutions may charge a minimal fee per transaction. Interac is a household name, and online casinos accepting Interac should be commended. Interact has so many uses besides online payments, and it is an exemplary payment method, cost-effective and efficient.

How to Make Casino Deposit with Interac?

Many players have trouble with depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos. It seems to be one of those things that do not always go as smoothly as it should. Lots of players are getting pickier when choosing how to deposit. That is where Interac comes in. It is the most trusted payment system available, which means casinos using Interac uphold high standards of online security for the players. Most casino players who try out Interac usually never go back to standard deposit methods since transactions are so straightforward. You won't have to worry if you are going to get your money back. All you need is access to your online or mobile bank. Then you may send money or request money from anyone with a phone number or email connected to a bank account. That way, there is no need to share private financial information. Interac also offers several other services like Request Money; however, those are not relevant.

Here are the necessary steps to make an Interac deposit. Log in to an Interac casino and open a casino account. Then go to the Cashier page. Look at the options and click Interac as a deposit method. There are online casinos that will ask you to select a specific financial institution. Choose the one that has the bank account you wish to connect online. Input your personal data to confirm the banking method. Indicate the amount of money that you want to deposit. Then go to your bank account online to confirm the Interac e-transfer. Once your bank approves the Interac deposit, the funds will be transferred to your online casino account immediately. You can now start playing and betting with real money! Some online casinos will require you to log in to your online bank account first. Check with the online casino to determine the actual deposit process. If you need to go to your online bank account first, here are the steps to follow. First, open your online bank account and log in. Then indicate the amount to deposit. Go to the Interac casino and log in. Get the recipient email found under the banking methods at the casino. Type in the email into your online bank account and click the send button to confirm the transfer. Once the email is received, it will be confirmed, and a code sent. Check to verify the funds are in your casino account. When they arrive, you can start playing at your online casino and enjoy all the games!

Top Interac Casinos - CyberSpins Casino

CyberSpins is an online betting site that’s operated by Palau Holdings, NV, the same group that oversees the excellent Vegas Crest Casino. The site brings with it a large lobby of games, fast banking times, and some decent bonus terms that help make this a fantastic choice for punters looking for a new place to play. The reputation the casino has is reliable, and the casino is well known for fair and just gaming, along with the support of strong brands in the industry, and the support service is second to none. Moreover, provisions are made for a social media account where you can publish your complaints and pose your questions and answers openly. Vista Gaming is responsible for providing the software, and you get over 500 games along with other unique slots exclusively for the Vista. They include classic slot, video slot, blackjack, roulette, table games, video poker and chain reactor. Another unique feature is a live multiplayer function at the casino, there are up to 7 lives, and each of them has its progressive jackpot. Other exciting casino games include a mix by BetSoft, Concept Gaming, Booongo, Mobilots, and GameArt.

Top Interac Casinos - NightRush Casino

Night Rush is a new online casino also serving up a great choice of eSports games for good measure. With a wide-ranging mixture of sports and casino games on offer, Night Rush will give you an adrenaline rush. There are over 700 top-notch casino games on offer and a sportsbook to suit all players. The mobile site is modified and adequately optimised for efficient and smooth mobile gaming. The loading time is super-fast, and the menu is well structured and clear. The mobile version will function correctly on modern-day mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows versions and their OSs. There is a vast range of promotions and ongoing bonuses available for new and loyal players at Night Rush. They are spread across live and pre-event betting, with slots and the live dealer casino. Unlike many other sportsbooks, Night Rush does offer a welcome bonus. Expect a great game offering and the slot titles tick all the boxes. Jackpots, check. Slots, check. Casino table games and live dealer casino, check. The online slots are the most plentiful, which is fitting seeing as they are the most popular form of online casino games. The cross-platform allows you to access the casino via PC or any mobile device offering the full spectrum of services with games by Microgaming among others. That ensures you get quality and choice.

Top Interac Casinos - Slots.LV Casino

Slots.LV offers much more than slot machines alone. The casino welcomes all players from the USA, Canada and elsewhere in the world, and you can play hundreds of slots, engaging table games, along with fan favourites such as bingo and keno. The casino started in 2013 and continues to build on its stellar reputation for fair play and exceptional quality. In just a few years the casino has morphed into one of the most popular online casinos, and become a firm fan favourite offering the best, award-winning casino games by Betsoft, Rival, and RTG, alongside other top game developers. You can count on a fabulous mobile experience providing compatibility with all devices and their respective operating systems. Slots.LV is adequately certified by respected iTech Labs; therefore, you can play with confidence and security. Although the casino specialises in high-quality slot games, that is just the tip of the iceberg! Besides hundreds of slots, you find progressive jackpot games, 5-reel video slots, classic 3-reel games and more. You can play popular table and card games like American, French, and European roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean Hold'em, craps, and more. There are speciality casino games such as red dog, scratchers, Bingo, Vegas 3-card rummy, and video poker.


Is It Safe to Gamble at an Interac Casinos?

A significant advantage Interac offers is security, so users are always protected, which is achieved by allowing a minimum of player information to be used, thereby protecting the identity of the user.

Are Interac Deposits Instant?

Yes, your funds become available almost instantly.

How Interac Casino Works?

Online casinos are happy to welcome Canadian players who are frequently looking for Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer as casino banking options. To send an Interac e-Transfer, you need an email address, online bank account at a financial institution, and the email address or mobile number of the recipient. Once a transfer is done, it cannot be cancelled or reversed. When you receive an Interac e-Transfer, you get a notification by email or message with the name is the sender, transfer amount and a link allowing you to collect funds via your online or mobile banking service. When you use Interac Online, the casino cashier page will redirect you to the Interac gateway page and ask to select your financial institution. You then log in to your online banking to confirm the payment.

Do All Casinos Accept Interac Deposits?

No, not all. You will have to check the cashier page before signing up.

Can I Use Interac for Winnings Withdrawals?

Yes, most online casinos accept both deposits and withdrawals with Interac.

Do Interac Gambling Sites Offer Bonuses?

Yes, they do. Interac Casinos are among the very best gambling sites. Online casinos that accept Interac have generous welcome bonuses, and with Interac eTransfers, you can get a deposit bonus up to $1500 or multitudes of free spins at the best Interac casinos. New players gain access to all the best promo deals and VIP loyalty clubs. You may even find valuable free spins offers now and then. The best part? Interac is probably the fastest casino payment method available. When opening a new online casino account, you will always be just a couple of minutes away from the real money gaming action.

What are the Unique Benefits of Using Interac in a Casino?

The advantages of using Interac at an online casino are numerous. First, there's no need to trust all the casinos you play at with your personal details. Interac stores all that information, so the casino will only request your email address or telephone number to complete the transaction. Interac is an extremely safe online banking method, and it isn't possible to go over your limits. That makes it one of the best payment methods. In a nutshell, Interac offers complete safety, convenience, simplicity, speed and zero fees.