Interac Corporation started out in 1984, quickly becoming the world-class debit and payment method of choice among Canadians. As one of Canada’s leading brands, Interac has a broad-based acceptance, top reliability, security and super efficiency. It is used over 16 million times each day, for payments or to exchange money. Over the last three decades Interac Corp. through its predecessors, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation, has facilitated financial transactions and money transfers using innovative and secure methods and transfer solutions. Interact has also developed into a leader in the detection and prevention of fraud, on fact, Interac has one of the lowest levels of fraud in the industry, which has cemented its position as a leader in its field. With various prestigious shareholders owning part of Interac such as; credit unions, banking corporations, payment processors and merchants, it is clear this is a serious and robust operation. Continually innovating and trying new and better ways to offer a service, Interact has infiltrated every facet of life. Of particular interest to online casino players, Interac provides some exceptional benefits and advantages. The first of which is:


The ease of use and sheer convenience of using Interac is one of the main advantages. It is actually akin to paying by a credit or debit card. It can be used at various establishments and merchants across Canada, as well as online. There are multiple ATMs in Canada where Interac can be used to withdraw cash.


Using Interac is risk-free, safe and secure. There is a PIN identification number, with two-factor authentication. This system is useful and foolproof, as it can only be activated with the two-factor authentication system. It is virtually impossible for anyone to use the card without the PIN and mobile or alternative device for activation; this will eliminate the worry of theft.

Consumer Protection

The card offers consumer protection to all Canadians, who are protected via The Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services, as this is an added layer of protection that solidifies Interac’s reputation and broad appeal throughout Canada.

Safe and Private

Another significant advantage is that Interac offers privacy and security, so users of the system will be adequately protected at all times, which is achieved by only allowing a minimum amount of players’ information to be used, thereby protecting the identity of the user.

Online Transactions

Of supreme interest to players, Interac processed debit card fees, which can be accepted at various online casinos as a viable option. The system also allows users to control their spending and budgeting. Online transactions are processed speedily and efficiently, which they no associated fees. There may be a minimal charge by the banking institution, but apart from that, the service is free of charge.


Interac debit cards have natural, built-in security features. They include protection from fraud tactics such as card-not-present transactions, counterfeiting, and transaction replay. The funds are always protected as the financial institution will authorise the payment.

The Products

There are various products offer by Interac. They include debit cards, debit payments, Interac Cash through the use of ATMs. Interac Flash allows users to hold up the card at a point of sale, without any contact. Interac e-Transfer, which will be of interest to online casino players. It allows the transfer of money from one account to another. There is Interact Online, which enables home Banking directly from a bank account. Interac also supports mobile payments solutions. Cardholders also get access to over 2 million ATMs across the United States.

Interac is committed to being a service provider of excellence, with minimal fees involved, thereby offering unparalleled levels of service and economical prices. In fact, most services are without fees. Nevertheless, some financial institutions might charge customers a minimal fee of about $1.50 per transaction. Interac has become a household name, and an online casino that accepts Interac should be commended as it makes players’ lives easier. The fact that Interact has so many other uses than just online payments, or is an exemplary payment method and a cost-effective and efficient one as well.

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