Cubits are the new mobile Bitcoin! So it’s another cryptocurrency to hit the big time. There are now several top quality online casinos accepting this brilliant newish cryptocurrency. Developed specifically for mobile payments, and bringing with them lots of good advantages for players. Cubit is a method that ensures a secure and safe system to secure online transactions. Cubits is a Bitcoin trading service that started life in 2014. Since then, its reputation has soared to unprecedented heights. Originally envisaged as a platform allowing individuals and businesses to buy, sell, and accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency at the online establishment, which quickly morphed into a mobile system soon afterwards in 2015. Cubits are now considered as the premier Bitcoin trading services within Europe. The platform is perfect for depositing and withdrawing funds to and from online casinos. A new trend has emerged, and thus niche is quickly being filled by more online casinos starting to accept Cubits. With security high on the agenda of Cubits, this is one of the unique qualities on offer. As long as the online casino supports payments through Cubits API, then players will be able to utilise their Cubits wallets in order to pay for their deposits using Bitcoins. There are more advantages besides increased security. Cubits allow players to transfer funds without inputting personal data, which is, however, done at the outset, when the Cubits wallet is set up, but that’s it!

Mobile Payments Registration

Using the Cubits platform is an intuitive and easy process. Players will first need to set up the account on the Cubits website. Players will only need to input their real name and email address. The process only takes a couple of minutes, so players can then move on without any wasting of time. Once that is done, players need to click on the sign-up button, then await the email confirmation to arrive in a moment or two. Players then move back to the log on page and complete the setting up process. The next step is to buy Bitcoins to deposit into the wallet and fund it. Multiple payment methods can be used to purchase the Bitcoins including; an online bank transfer, Skrill, OK Pay, and Sofort Uberweisung all being viable methods. Another option open to players to find their Bitcoins is the SEPA (Single European Payment Area) or International Bank Transfer. The Bitcoin purchasing feature allows the use of various currencies including; the Euro, the Australian Dollar, the Swedish Krona, the British Pound, the Canadian Dollar, the US Dollar, and the Japanese Yen.

Into Action

Now that the bitcoins have been bought, the wallet set up, and all set to go, its time to visit an online casino supporting Cubits and Bitcoin. That casino must have Cubits as an accepted depositing method. Players will be given a private email address, and then redirected to the Cubits page again.
Players will then need to send the minimum Bitcoin deposit amount to the casino they have selected to wager at. The amount of cash deposited will then be credited to the player’s account, and the games can begin in earnest. At the time of writing, Cubit’s ‘buy and sell’ feature is still not available to players in the USA, but this may change soon in the future.

Security Features & Requirements

Cubits have some requirements that are connected to the security. The platform necessitates that players send an SMS along with a Document Verification, security through IDNow to remove the daily transactions limit of $150. So besides the somewhat limited availability of Cubits, the daily transactions limits, another downside is that Bitcoin itself has become rather volatile these past few months, nevertheless, the growth prospects and intrinsic advantages Bitcoin, and by default, Cubits are undisputed. While common currencies fluctuate in the region of 1% to 5%, Bitcoin’s fluctuation rate is just 2.3%! Most online casinos still prefer to use BTC rather than Cubits and Bitcoin, yet more of them are starting to be seduced by the particular qualities of Cubits, and the additional business it can create.


Players should take heed of the signs of the times. Cubit is here to stay. It is only a matter of time before more online casinos start accepting Cubits. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and there are some significant advantages on offer for using Cubits. For players looking for safety, security and convenience, Cubits offers all that, and more besides. The flexibility provided by Cubits is immeasurable and superb. Of course, Cubits is not merely limited to online casinos; it may be used at a multitude of online establishments. It can also be used to receive payments and by default receive withdrawals and winnings. The Cubits platform has come a long way since inception and shows no signs of restraining or slowing down. Expect to hear more about Cubits. In fact, count on it!

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