Fish Catch Slots

Fish Catch is a fantastic slot by Real Time Gaming, and it is a vast sea adventure full of fishes and underwater beauty. There are 5-reels but no conventional pay lines. Nevertheless, there is an innovative way of wagering with various coins and a wide variance of betting options. The game full is of exceptional and exciting gameplay and an entertaining theme that works wonders. This game takes you deep beneath the waves, to an underwater world rarely glimpsed by the human eye! The game fires on all cylinders through the depths of the water where a vibrant sea life exists. Fish Catch is unique in many ways. For starters, it can be played in a social environment with your friends and peers. Fish Catch is primarily a multiplayer lobby game where you set your wager amount and partner up with your friends. Then you get to blast fish out of the water with massive cannons. You can just play for fun, or using real money, the option is there, and the choice is yours.

Fishing in the Lake

So how do you play Fish Catch slots without any pay lines? The game works similarly to standard slots, and the wagering takes place by placing coins on the designated space, under the imaginary pay lines. There are four separate underwater worlds that you will visit on your quest for underwater riches and precious treasure. You wander around the worlds facing new challenges along the way. They are distinct from one another, and each has its own set of tasks to perform, which will push you on to the next world. There are all sorts of treasures and items littered along the sea bed, from ancient shipwrecks, shell stones, algae, sea moss, and lots of sea vegetation scattered about.

Sea Symbols, Mermaids & Interface

If you love exotic fish, then you will be impressed with the sheer quantity of fish symbols. There is a collection of different species and even a Mermaid game icon! All the fishy logos are animated and regularly swimming all around the screen. The game’s user interface has been designed to be intuitive and un-intrusive, keeping all your control options and game buttons off to the base and side of your screen. That leaves the centre free for the spinning reels of destiny and fortune. The centre is where you shoot your target fish to gain wins. Killing fish is the objective here, and the wagering is done a little differently than the average slot game.

Strange Wagering & High Payouts

There are quite a few coin values that allow you to set the bets. All the coin amounts are as follows, $0.01, $0.02, $0.10, $0.50, $1, and $2.50 is the highest coin value. You can place as many as ten betting coins per pay line. The bets range from just 2 cents, up to $50 per shot. There are various lobbies to choose from with different limits, so choose wisely! The higher the value of your bet, the more weapons and power you can collect. You will need to spam-click all your enemies. Alternatively, you can choose to use the auto-kill feature to hunt certain types of valuable fish. You may need to shoot the fish more than once and keep shooting until they die, or you could get lucky and kill them with the first shot. The game has a low to medium volatility, so the payouts are quite frequent, although modest.

Mermaid's Luck Bonus Feature

The game uses a rather innovative system of play, and instead of traditional reels, the fish swim in the centre of the screen, and you get to shoot as many as you can manage. Turning on the Fish Info function while you are shooting manually allows you to select the most valuable fish to shoot at. The bonus is activated randomly, and you are granted access to the Mermaid’s Luck bonus round. A huge wheel of fortune appears on-screen and will award you a grand prize, depending on your draw. The top award is 250x your triggering bet. The feature is exciting and can be triggered often. The higher the stake, the better the probabilities of winning the highest game payout prize, which could rise to a very high amount if you are wagering the maximum game limit of $50 a shot.

Mobile Fishes

Fish Catch slots has a great mobile version which works wonderfully on any current tab or mobile phone. It has been explicitly designed to be fully compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and their latest operating systems. You will have a flawless mobile experience and all the great qualities, and high definition graphics come across vibrantly and precisely to ensure the best possible mobile gaming experience bar none. You can either download the game to your mobile phone, or tablet. You can also use Instant Play mode, which is based on Adobe Flash technology. You can play by just clicking on the game icon, and you’re good to go.


RTG has undoubtedly come up with an innovative and satisfying gaming experience with Fish Catch slot. The game has excellent gameplay and shooting at those fish as they swarm across the screen is the reason the game is called Fish Catch! It is also RTG’s very first multiplayer shooting game with hot gambling possibilities, and you can try the demo version before venturing on to real money bets. This useful tool allows you to get used to the game first. The mobile version does an admirable job by serving up a flawless mobile gaming experience which provides loads of entertainment on the move. If you are really in an adventurous mood to try something completely different than the typical slot game, then you should definitely give Fish Catch a try!