Easter Cash Basket Slots

Easter Cash Basket Slots is an amusing and funny take on Easter. The basket is full of cash this time out! It is the perfect setting for the Easter holidays and festivities. The game provides that extra touch of Easter magic, especially if players win a payout of sorts! The game is loaded with exciting, unique features, bonuses and free spins. There are Wilds and Scatters, and beautiful symbols adorning the reels. Easter Cash Basket will undoubtedly put players in the right frame of mind, and mood for Easter.

Playing Easter Cash Basket

Easter Cash Basket Slots has 5-reels and 25 pay lines. 15 symbols will appear on the reels as they stop spinning. The pay lines are not variable; therefore, players will need to wagerer on them all. Nevertheless, the coin sizes allow for a broad spectrum of wagering. With the minimum coin value starting at just $0.01, then the minimum bet is $0.25 per spin. The coin sizes rise exponentially until they reach the maximum coin value, which is $1. That means the maximum bet it a high $25 per spin.

Winning Symbols & Combinations

Easter Cash Basket has many different symbols. The standard ones are various Easter Eggs in different colours. There are high card values. The numbers nine, and ten, along with the picture cards, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, all decorated especially for Easter! The individual game symbols include the Wild, represented here by the Bunny icon. The Wild has replaced the standard symbols when it appears on the reels, in doing so, creating winning combinations. The Wild cannot replace the Scatter or Bonus symbols. The Scatter is the game Logo. Landing three or more Scatters on the reels leads to high payouts and heralds the bonus rounds. The Basket icon is the Bonus symbol. It can transport players straight to the prize bonus round.

Lucky Basket Bonus Round

The Lucky Basket Bonus Round is a lively addition that can lead to wins and payouts. The round includes eight baskets appearing on screen. Players will have to select baskets which reveal different multiplier prizes. Players have four chances to pick the best gifts out of the total of eight. The prizes are calculated by the random number generator, so are proved to be fair. All the bonuses have terms and conditions which players are advised to read first.


The controls of Easter Cash Basket Slots are intuitive and easy to use. The game buttons are located on screen for easy access. They include Spin/Stop, Bet, Balance (to check the credits). The Win window displays the winning amount. There is also an automatic play mode, which is a useful addition. Players can also adjust the size of the screen, the sound volume and other aspects of the game. The pay table can be brought up onscreen and appears in the form of a cup. It also provides the rules of the game. Finally, there is the Help button, which is self-explanatory.

Mobile at Easter

Easter Cash Basket Slots has a streamlined mobile version of the game. It has been optimised specially for mobile devices such as tablets, and smartphones, both iOS and Android versions. The game can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode for added convenience and freedom. There is also the option of downloading the game to the PC, or mobile device. The graphics stand out clearly on the mobile version of the game, have to be experienced to appreciate.


If you play just one Easter themed game this year, it has to be Easter Cash Basket Slots. This game has everything a player could ask for. From a smooth and efficient mobile version that brings out the good qualities of the game, to the stylish design. The game's theme is complemented by the symbols that appear on the reels. The wagering options are varied, and the process is pleasant and comfortable to control thanks to the initiative game buttons. The bonuses deliver and add value and chances to the overall gameplay. What more could one ask for at Easter time apart from Easter Cash Basket Slots? Enjoy your Easter full of bunnies, eggs and baskets full of cash!