Ancient Egypt Classic Slots

We always feel a little bit strange when people put something like classic in the title of a game, as most of these games to us all play in a fairly classical way! This game doesn’t seem to be any more classical than any of the others, and at the end of the day for us, it ended up being another wonderful entry into the genre about Egypt. With pragmatic play software behind it, it is also a very lively one, and far more animated that you’ll be used to seeing in most of the games.

The main draw here will of course be the graphics, featuring Egypt in a very inventive and playful way compared to how it is usually depicted in slot games. Most of them feel very stuffy, while this one feels absolutely alive! This is thanks in no small part to the ample amounts of animation on the reels, especially with the title goddess character and her lovely golden hair. Or maybe it’s a crown. It’s a crown made of golden hair, which is pretty epic looking to us! Right next to the fire on the Anubis statues, and it makes for a compelling backdrop.

There’s more to this game than just the way it looks, however. There are the usual number of reels, being five, and the pay lines are usually about what you would expect. There are no bonus modes or progressive jackpot, but to make up for that, they have added in far more multipliers, free spins, wilds, and scatter symbols that you are likely to see anywhere else. This makes for a game that doesn’t have any large peaks or build up, but consistently plays well and never stops being fun. That’s our main take away from it, and we think it will be yours too!

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game claims to be very classic, but it is actually an innovative title about Egypt. It features a lovely goddess character in an old Temple, surrounded by the usual figures that you are used to seeing. What sets this one apart, however, are the many special symbols that you will see, the 5000 times multiplier you can find, and the graphics that are animated and charming. Most games about Egypt look very cheap, while this one is an absolute joy to see! We don’t usually say that about Egyptian themed games.

Things We Liked the Most

The thing we like the most about this game are definitely the multipliers, and how many wilds and scatters you will see on the reels. Right after that, the animated graphics definitely have a special place in our heart. They are all very well designed, and everything looks good enough to be featured somewhere nice. The fire in the background is also a nice touch, and they very authentically capture the feeling of being in a cave that is lit by torches. This is the only time we have ever seen that affect used in a game like this, and we wish more games would be more environmentally accurate like that!

Things We Didn’t Much Care For

Although we mostly enjoyed everything about the game, if they had added progressive jackpot support and everything else you see, it would have been absolutely perfect. That really is one of the only things missing from this game, along with a compelling bonus game, ideally with the Anubis statues on the sides coming out and doing something really epic! It seems like they’re there for a reason, but that never manages to manifest.

The Overall Presentation in the Game

As we have said before, the graphics here are very animated and lively. Everything is constantly moving and dancing around, and the presence of the flames makes it all feel very much alive. That’s ironic considering it takes place in a tomb, but they managed to do something special here with that lovely glow! There’s also another gold here to make you go blind, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, you’ll have to look away!

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

The game plays very well, and you will find it to be a steady state way of winning lots of money. There are no large peaks or valleys to it because of the lack of bonus Moe’s or Jack parts, but the cord game play itself is very tightly focused around winning lots of money. We like that, and this is probably one of the better renditions of the classic style game player that we have seen.

Our Experience When We Played It

After staring at the fire and the flames on the lovely Anubis statues for a while, we decided to give this one more than a few spins using the autoplay feature. After that, we jumped in by hand. We got lots of multipliers and manage to win about twice as much as we put down, leaving us with a big smile on our faces!

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Ancient Egypt Classic Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Ancient Egypt Classic Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that it is one of the better done classic games, although much about it is very modern. The only thing classic about it are the lack of strange bonus features, everything else actually being very innovative. Despite our title, it’s a wonderful entry into the Egyptian genre, and plays at a very fast pace. If you love wilds and multipliers, and beautiful and well thought out graphics, this one’s for you! We recommend it easily, and think that you should play it without hesitation.