Triple Dragons Slots

We are huge Dragon and Asian culture fans, so this game came at us as a pleasant surprise. It is fun to look at and fun to play, although there are some issues with it that we will explain as we go. There are some wonderful features that do help to make up for what we don’t like about it, such as a very decent auto play feature, and related things, but we do have some valid criticisms against it that are worth mentioning. The artwork is still more than enough to make up for that, however, as are the generous multipliers.

If you’re looking for a true and authentic Chinese experience, this game offers that in spades, and doesn’t manage to cheap out on any of the elements on the reels like most games do! Most of this game revolves around the imagery, the gameplay being very standard. This leads to more a immersive experience, and keeps you from spending too much time thinking about any of the spins that you will make. That’s the advantage of having only three reels and five pay lines, as opposed to one of the more complex games that can take a minute just to figure out how to spin or make a bet!

If you’re looking for the best Asian themed game on the market, this one probably is not it. It is pretty good and we do enjoy it quite a bit, but it leaves a lot to be desired in many ways. If you simply want a very decent game, however, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon while winning lots of money, this one fits the bill perfectly. It’s middle of the road in a lot of ways, but high on production values and charm. We recommend it immediately, and think you will enjoy it!

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game is about dragons, specifically from Chinese culture. Replacing the sevens that are so often featured in western games, this one goes all in with that as the leading thing to match. It also makes use of some other elements from Chinese culture, such as the ceremonial money bags, some drums, and peaches. We’re not entirely sure why the peaches are there, but it is nice to look at! We also enjoy having suits of cards rather than specific faces on the cards, as they look a lot better and make it feel very swank.

Things We Liked the Most

The thing we love most about this game definitely has to be the multipliers. None of them go all that high, but because of how few things actually appear on the reels, they all come up more often than they otherwise would. This makes everything feel a lot more fun, everything being standardized and easy to understand. The multipliers themselves are all each 3X, and only differ in the amount of money that you will win. This pretty much guarantees a pay out with the limited number of things available, and feels fair enough that it comes up very often. The art is also nice to look at, and we love those red and gold colored games!

Things We Didn’t Much Care For

One thing that we didn’t like about the game are the lack of any sort of compelling jackpots. This makes everything a little bit repetitive, and it feels like there is no build up as you were playing the game. A lot of games play better when you have something to look forward to, but all this one has is the guarantee that you will be able to keep spinning until you at least win once. That’s nice, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of the bonus games for us, which we enjoy quite a bit.

The Overall Presentation in the Game

This is definitely not a cheap looking game, and was based on the least cheap looking culture of all time! They did a wonderful job, made it culturally respectful, and all the colors are spot on. It’s a nice mix of traditional graphics, hand-painted digital illustrations, and what usually go into the Vegas slot machine games at the same time. The only thing we really dislike about the graphics are the fact that there aren’t all that many things on the reels. As we said, however, this has the added bonus of making it easier to win!

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

The game play here is very fast, thanks to the very limited number of reels. You will spin and spin a bunch of times, even being able to turn up the speed of the spins to turbo! There’s a reason that the auto spin feature only goes up to 100, and that’s because it will rapidly let you spend an entire day’s worth of gambling in about a few minutes. It is a wonderful way to get a good payout, however, and we did that quite a bit! It’s very anticlimactic if you don’t win though.

Our Experience When We Played It

We played more than a few rounds, sunk a good deal of time into it, and found ourselves liking it despite it being somewhat repetitive.

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Triple Dragons Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Triple Dragons Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that this is a solid entry in the Asian themed genre, and we love the addition of the guaranteed win, and the rapid fire auto play feature. If you’re mostly in this to win that money, the dragons in this game will surely lead you to the gold! It’s right above your head at all times.