UltimateBit Poker

UltimateBit Poker is here. The Ultimate win awaits those who dare to dream. It cannot get better than the ultimate: the summit, the pinnacle, the top. That means expect bonuses like never before, expect excitement, never experienced until now. UltimateBit utilises the very best technology, software and infrastructure available on the Internet. Security and privacy are guaranteed.

Ultimate Bonuses

UltimateBit Poker is as realistic as it can get, on a virtual platform. The quality is evident, and the pleasure of playing the classic game of Poker at UltimateBit is irreplaceable. The realism is tempered with luscious bonuses. For starters, you can benefit from a 50% Cash Rake Back Bonus, which is credited to your account within one day.

Secret Wagering

The beauty of UltimateBit Poker is that there is complete anonymity while playing and visiting UltimateBit. Just as Bitcoin revolutionised payment systems and investments, so too, at UltimateBit, we are breaking new ground. Crypto Poker is in: Big Brother is out! Privacy is becoming a luxury which is hard to find, but not here! Crypto Poker allows players to keep their passwords, license and bank details to themselves. Here you have kept away from prying eyes. It is your God-given right to have a degree of privacy, we at UltimateBit understand and act upon your aspirations. These aspirations include fast withdrawals after a win. UltimateBit offers swift payout times, ranging from as little as 4 hours to a maximum of 12 hours payout time.


In order to ensure fair play, all the games are independently checked and audited by an external organisation. UltimateBit deploys a randomly generated, number algorithm on all the games. Professionals review the games continually to make sure everything is fair, and by the book. Collusion between players is not accepted and will be detected immediately. No same IP address can share a table and bots will be identified and eliminated from the game instantly. Any reports sent into UltimateBit will be real with promptly and firmly.

Banking & Security: Better than Fort Knox

With such high standard of security and anonymity, UltimateBit has made entirely sure that nothing is left to chance, especially when it comes to banking security and privacy. Players’ funds are protected round the clock, every second of each day. Deposits are held in a secure, segregated Bitcoin wallet, designated solely for the player’s funds, which are instantly available. In order to feel safe and relaxed to play Poker with a clear head, banking procedures must be solid and secure. A player cannot be expected to have to worry about access to funds. A player’s focus should be entirely on the game of Poker, nothing else.

Support & Assistance

Customer support personnel are courteous and helpful, with a comprehensive knowledge about Poker and everything to do with UltimateBit. Email and freephone are the two communication methods available, 24/7. Any casino related questions will be answered immediately and professionally. Help is always there when you need it.

Texas Hold em Poker

Texas Hold em Poker is by far the most popular variant of the classic game of Poker. The objective of the game is to win pots of cash! That pot contains your money bet, plus other players’. In order to win you need to get the highest Poker hand, bearing off the other players and dealer. Winning is achieved by getting any combination of Two Hole cards, and Five Community Cards.


At UltimateBit, your money has intrinsic, tangible value. Refreshing your Bitcoin faucet every six hours and receive 500 chips along with exclusive events. The games have a useful, practice mode, which is undoubtedly an advantage, as it allows players to become familiar with the play before starting to wager real money. UltimateBit provides a wide and varied selection of games, unparalleled in the industry up till now. Cutting edge Poker software, exceptional experiences and immersive an atmosphere is what awaits players. UltimateBit Poker is ‘the’ ultimate place to enjoy the game of Poker, with complete tranquillity and peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your funds are 100% secure, and you are completely anonymous. What more can one ask? Treat yourself to the magic of UltimateBit Poker.