Bitcoin Video Casino

Bitcoin Video Casino has a distinctly retro style, yet bolstered by the ultra-modern Bitcoin moniker. The combination works wonderfully. All the advantages of Bitcoin are on offer at Bitcoin Video Casino. The privacy, ease of access, the speed of withdrawals, and low costs. All this together with a premium online casino, with exceptional service and an unmistakable style. Make no mistake; Bitcoin Video Casino has a unique and beautiful style. Players would do well to sit up and take notice. Bitcoin Video Casino has a wealth of casino games, table games, video poker variants, speciality games, and even a live dealer casino. The website navigation is intuitive and user-friendly, and wagering is a real pleasure, as is the overall experience. The games may be downloaded, or played in Instant Play mode, for added convenience. Another nice touch is the chat feature. It allows players to communicate with each other. Furthermore, recent winners are announced within the chat feature itself! This information in itself is beneficial as it inadvertently informs players which games are paying out. If a jackpot has just paid out on a particular slot, then it might be better to avoid that specific game.

Games & More

With a whole collection of high-quality casino games, Bitcoin Video Casino offers players a comprehensive choice. Games include all kinds of slots, table games, and a few exciting speciality games. Let’s start with the table games. Players are spoilt for choice with multiple versions of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, and video poker. There are speciality games; Keno, Bingo, and Dice, which add something alternative to the norm. There are many entertaining slots, with 3-reel, 5-reel, progressive jackpot slots, and so much more besides. The games can be accessed by clicking on the game icons on the website, and mobile platform as well. The website game list offers invaluable information about the games, and players can check up on the accumulated jackpot totals. Another plus point is that the games come with detailed instructions and tips about them so that players can acclimatise themselves. The games are available in free play/practice mode and can be played in Instant Play mode, without the need to download any software.

Most Frequently Played Games

At Bitcoin Video Casino, players can check each game and find out which ones are played most frequently, and therefore, likely to be ‘hotter’ than others. In fact, one glance at the list reveals that Dice is the most played game, and has been players for over 100,000 times! Followed by Roulette, with 36,000 plays, and Slots, with 30,000 played. So this should give players a good indication which games are the most popular at Bitcoin Video Casino. When it comes to the highest payouts, video poker comes up trumps! With an amazing 206 BTC at stake, closely followed up by Slots, which have more than 195 BTC paid out. As the games continue to be played, the pots will continue to rise indefinitely, and until they are finally claimed. One paid out, the jackpot resets to a base amount, and once again starts to inflate. A Royal Flush hand can win a fantastic progressive jackpot providing they are betting maximum amounts. Blackjack at Bitcoin Video Casino is provably fair, which says a lot about the casino and its values and quality.

FairPlay @ Bitcoin Video Casino

Bitcoin Video Casino can be considered a fair casino to wager at. Besides being entertaining, and providing players with fun casino games of all sorts, the casino can attest to be fair. For a start, all the games can be tried out free of charge so that players can practice before actual wagering real money, which is a good sign, as it proves the casino has nothing to hide, Abd is transparent. Players are never pressured into real gambling money, that choice comes from the player samples the game first. Besides, Bitcoin Video Casino’s games are tested by an independent agency to ensure they are generating random numbers and paying out as they should. Therefore, it can safely be said that Bitcoin Video Casino is 100% fair and random. At the top of the website, players will find the Provably Fair lines, where a full explanation is offered about Provably Fair games and the advantages of wagering on such games.

Anonymity & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bitcoin Video Casino provides anonymity and satisfaction is virtually guaranteed! The casino accepts players from anywhere in the world, offering online gambling is legal in that country. Therefore, the registration process is straightforward and most importantly, anonymous. That means US players are welcome, amongst most other jurisdictions. In fact, there is no need to even register in the traditional sense. Players deposit money through the cryptocurrency’s process. Players are subsequently given a user ID number and letter combinations code, which is all they need. This process is explained clearly and can be accessed through the site’s link on the web page. Players can then access the site from any device, providing they have the correct login ID code. It is done by clicking on the Accounts link located on the leaderboard sheet. Players can then copy the URL provided and use it for all devices for logging in. The sites use 2-factor authentication, so there is added security measures for player’s convenience and safety.

Withdrawing, Depositing & Support

Bitcoin Video Casino offers players fast returns and quick access to winnings, which means withdrawal times are extremely short. There is no mention of a maximum payout anywhere on the site. Any daily winnings are automatically transferred to players’ Bitcoin account, and there is a minimum payout limit of 0.001 BTC. Although the site lacks a live chat feature, players can send an email, or use Twitter to send a tweet to @BTCVideoCasino. Players can also communicate together using the website comments feature. Transaction fees are applied to all withdrawals regardless of the amount.

Bonuses & Offers

There are entirely a few intriguing bonuses and special offers at Bitcoin Video Casino. The casino offers players the chance to reduce the house edge by 25% if they refer a friend to Bitcoin Video Casino. Players’ rate against the House Edge depends on the number of users that are referred. A 5% increase is awarded to 9 users, 10% for referring 49 users. The full 25% increase is awarded if players refer over 100 users. There is also a useful 5% Cash Back Bonus offer.


Bitcoin Video Casino offers a truly comprehensive and complete gambling service. The games are exceptional, the bonuses, although somewhat limited, should not distract from the positives. There is a mobile version as well as an Android app so that players can wager at liberty, and at their convenience. The best part is, of course, the fact that the casino accepts Bitcoin, which broadens its appeal, especially for players from restrictive territories. Now everyone can enjoy wagering at Bitcoin Video Casino. Welcome to the future of online casino gaming.