Wild Water Slots

You’ll want to check out a new slots game we’ve found that has been released by Net Entertainment. Wild Water slots has a great 60s and 70s feel to it that you’ll love, regardless of whether you’re old enough to remember those times or not. Check out our review of the game today and see what it has in store for you to enjoy.

How many reels and paylines are there?

This game has five reels and twenty paylines, in common with many other popular slots games out there today.

What are the maximum and minimum bets?

You get to choose from one to ten coins on every payline you want to play. The coin values can be anything from one cent to fifty cents so there is a lot of variety in terms of bet amounts.

Are there any special symbols?

Yes – look out for the shark which acts as the wild symbol. You also get a scatter symbol which is represented by the male surfer. You only need three appearances from him on one single spin and you trigger a free spins round. This could bring you anything from fifteen to sixty – yes sixty – free spins depending on whether you get three, four or five male surfer symbols popping up.

Is there a bonus game?

There are a couple of bonuses you can look for, but they’re not bonus games as such. The Surf Team bonus is the best of the two as it triggers a win of 200 times the amount you wagered. You have to get all five of the varied surfer symbols stacked on the reels to get this so it’s tricky but worth shooting for.

The second bonus is called the Surf’s Up bonus. You need to have any surfer symbols showing on all the reels in stacks of three to trigger this. You can get it in the free spins section of the game as well as the main game, so you might just trigger it when you least expect it.

Download and play Wild Water slots today

This is a great game that is well worth a spin or two if you haven’t seen it before. You’ll soon get used to the different surfers showing up and the wild and scatter symbols appearing too. Why not try the game now?