Naughty Ninjas Slots

The theme in this video slot is distinctly Japanese, and the naughty ninjas featured , are like no other online slot games. No head-kicking, annihilating killing machines here. No, these guys are very sweet and cute with bright head bands to complete the picture and all very easy on the eyes. There were a few eyebrows raised though when the name "Bubbles" appeared as the one wearing the red bandanna. More suited perhaps as a moniker to a more wayward theme, it works anyway and when celebrating a fantastic win with a large bottle of "bubbly" - well, it just fits right in. Now let's tumble a little with these gents and let's not forget the little lady.

  • Number of Reels - 5
  • Pay Lines - 2
  • Maximum Jackpot prize - 2000 coins
  • Coin Denomination - $0.01 - $10
  • Maximum Bet - $200
  • Re-Spin Bonus Feature
  • Wild Symbol - Bubbies
  • Scatter Symbols - Ninja Star
  • AutoPlay - Yes
  • Recommended Casino: Liberty Slots Casino

Naughty Ninjas Slots Crystal Clear Game

The superb graphics here are sharp, exploding with vivid color and one can almost feel an imminent win just around the corner as you identify and play together as a team with these karate kicking guys. The excitement now begins to mount as you start spinning, concentrating on those symbols that promise a size able win.

Naughty Ninjas Slot Symbols and Winning Combinations

The game consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines and 26 winning combinations. This is teamed up with wilds, scatters and a unique re-spin feature, all working together to help bring about that ever elusive celebratory win.

We are introduced here to 2 different "naughties", one ninja star, the scatter symbol, and the usual card counterparts in ascending order from 9 to Ace. The little lady sporting the red bandanna is named Bubbles and she's the wild card; she substitutes for all other symbols excluding the scatter. In this video slot, there isn't a Bonus Game on the second screen but the Ninja Star only appears on reel # 3 and covers the remaining reels, thereby earning a "re-spin". When this happens, the Ninja Star substitutes for all other symbols including Bubbles.

Naughty Ninjas Slot Autoplay

For convenience, there is the autoplay which reveals a menu for selecting various aspects of the play. This allows time to get acquainted with the symbols and to recognize their significance in the reel without having to concentrate on the variables involved in spinning.

Where to Play Naughty Ninjas Slots

This game can be played in an on-line casino. The Naughty Ninjas Video slots is just one of several other fresh and exciting new slots which were all released in August, 2008. Naughty Ninjas can be viewed and play at: Liberty Slots Online casino.

Naughty Ninjas Slot in Online Slot Tournaments

The best place to play Naughty Ninjas is in online slots tournaments. Most of the online casinos run tournaments and they are a great promotional event. Online Slots Tournaments let to player to play against each other, instead of individuals against the computer, and add a layer of friendly interaction to the online gaming experience. Why not to try, simply choose your favourite online casino and date in online slots tournament schedules and play.