Movie Magic Slots

For anyone who loves the movies, Movie Magic is the game to play. This exciting new and already very popular online slot game brings a fun film theme to the game genre, and will appeal to any movie buff. Created for the Wager gaming technology software package, Movie Magic has reliably smooth game-play action, and clear, entertaining graphics.

Movie Magic Slots at Your Favorite Casinos

You can find Movie Magic Slots at one of your favorite online casinos. Players in the US will want to go Liberty Slots Casino which has made a point of staying in that market despite the US Congress. Like any good blockbuster, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Movie Magic Slots - Lights, Camera, PLAY!

Movie Magic is a video slot, and so the usual tips and strategies will apply when playing the game. The main point to remember, of course, is to maximize your chances to win. The best way to do this is by playing all of the available paylines. Movie Magic has 25 paylines across 5 reels of great slot machine action. Every active payline on a spin is another chance to hit the jackpot; in addition, active paylines can bring in small wins that help to cushion any losses.

Symbols that Matter

Of course, Movie Magic isn't always about finessing the paylines. It's important to keep track of the winning symbols, especially the scatter and substitute symbols, since these will bring in the bigger wins when they appear on the reels. In Movie Magic, the scatter is a reel of film, and the wild card/substitute is a carton of popcorn.

The popcorn symbol will take the place of any other symbol, except the scatter, to form winning combinations on any payline. That film reel scatter is the one to really watch, for, though, because when three or more appear, you can win up to 25 free spins at the reels. And what's better than free stuff?

Movie Magic Slot offers Really Big Free Stuff!

What's better than free stuff? Well, try big free stuff. When you hit the free spin bonus round at Movie Magic, any wins are automatically tripled. That's good, but even better, you can even win more free spins while you're playing free spins. Movie Magic definitely delivers excitement, winnings, and cash prizes.

Play Movie Magic Slots in the Tournaments

The only way to improve on Movie Magic is make the game even more interactive, and that's where online slots tournaments come into the game. lot tournaments include everything you love about online video slots, but they add a dimension: instead of just playing against the machine, players in a slot tournament can play against each other, as well. t's a great way to keep the excitement going, and to multiply the cash winnings. Simply choose your favorite casino in online slots tournament schedules and play.