Money Shot Slots

One of the more popular sports many spectators are fond of is basketball. If you've been watching NBA which made turned some players into household names such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neill and more, then this slot game is for you. One will surely love this slot machine game which is taken after basketball. It's called Money Shot which comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines that can be activated according to player's choice.

Symbols with Payouts at Money Shot Slots

At Money Shot, expect everything about basketball to be a winning symbol. Generally, you will need to see three or two of each symbol on an active payline before it pays out a corresponding credit to your account. Some of the symbols you will want to see are a pair of red basketball shoes, basketball half court, basketball jersey, two cheerers with pompoms and even a mascot. Payouts at the lowers are twice, five times, ten or 15 times your coin bet. And hold your breath because the highest payouts can be 10,000 times your bet. And if this combination came up during free spin, it is triple that multiplier. So, try it now.

Money Shot Slots Bonus and Free Spins

What sets this apart from the older themes of slot machine games is the combination of bonus rounds and free spins. More often than not, most slot machine games may have either one but not both. In some other games, there's none of both which leaves the player with just the regular payout and less possibilities of winning a higher amount from their bet other than the usual of course. At Money Shot, the Basketball and Scatter symbols will be your best friend because the first opens the Bonus round while the 3 or more of the latter will lead you to winning free spins. According to the rules of the game, the basketball symbol should come up on reels 2 and 4 on an active payline so the bonus round will launch. And if you guessed the bonus round to be about playing basketball, you're absolutely right. A player will be instructed to take a shot at the basketball net in a regular basketball court setting for each of the three levels. With the click of the mouse, hit on the part of the net where you want the ball to go which will guide the player when trying to aim the ball before making the shot. The scoreboard will show how much prize you've won in this round.

Money Shot Slots in online slots tournaments

This game is definitely one of the favorites members of online slots tournaments which offered by the best online casinos. Many gamers are attracted to online slots tournaments because slots are easier and fun to play than card games. During the tournament, gamers are given a fixed amount of time to play the slots game they have chosen and win as much payout as possible depending on the combinations that would come up from activated paylines. Want to try? Just choose your favorite casino brand in our online slots tournament schedules, register and play.

Where to play Money Shot Slots

This great slots is available both in download and Flash version at the following online casino brand: LibertySlots Casino. Playing Flash version of Money Shot Slots, you can choose to play for fun or play for money. If you opt to play for fun, you can immediately start playing without having to register first.

Good luck in playing this fun slot!