Mobile Casino Slots

Smartwatch Slots: It’s on the Wrist!

Smartwatch Slots is a new avenue that online casinos are getting into. There are already some slots fully optimised for smartwatch gaming. Admittedly, not everyone owns a smartwatch, yet! There are not that many slots available for smartphone gaming; however, the ones that are available, are the best of the crop and play well on a smartwatch. This new technology is revolutionising the iGaming industry, as more and more online casinos start offering smartwatch gaming slots.

Kindle Slots: Reading the Game!

Kindle slots are here to continue to expand the options for players. Yes, Kindle was initially created as a reading tool, to be used instead of a paper book. It’s now possible to play exceptional slots on your Kindle. With full-colour HD graphics, web-browsing capabilities, media-streaming and of course, casino gaming,

iPad Slots: Brilliant Images & Graphics

The iPad is by far the tablet with the highest profile. The quality is superior to most of the competition. The iPad has become the stuff of legends! Weaving its way into every facet of life, it’s possible to enjoy a premium and exceptional gaming experience. The slots which are available for iPad gaming, are the very best on the market, and the qualities are reproduced successfully on the high-quality screen resolutions of the iPad. Expect a surge in iPad slots being released shortly.

Blackberry Slots: Back for the Attack!

Blackberry is enjoying something of a renaissance, with its popularity on the increase. Many people are choosing to migrate back to the added security of Blackberry, in comparison to the openness of modern smartphones. Blackberry is a viable option again. That means that Blackberry slots are on the menu! As long as the mobile device has Flash technology or similar, casino slots will work wonderfully on the device, including Blackberry.

iPhone Slots: Best of the Best

The iPhone is the royalty of mobile smartphones. Likewise the slots available. Despite the fact that Apple does not focus too much on gambling games, they are slowly seeping in and becoming available on iPhones. There is no shortage of casino games for iPhone these days, seeing as it is one of the most popular mobile devices, it is fitting that there is a selection of quality iPhone slots out there. What’s more, some of them have features exclusive to iPhone!

Android Slots: Easy Access & Availability

Android Slots are on the increase, and offer unparalleled access and availability, due to the widespread availability and compatibility of Android devices. Playing casino games on an Android phone, or any other touchscreen device offers a new way of playing, entirely different from using a mouse on a PC, or laptop.

Windows Phone Slots: Open the Windows of Opportunity

Windows Phone Slots open a wide window of opportunity and delight. With the smooth operating system that is Windows, any slot games can be enjoyed to the max! The quality and now, also a choice, propel Windows Phone Slots to the top of the heap.

Oculus Rift Slots: A Rift of Brilliance

Virtual Reality is here with a Big Bang! It propels casino gaming right up to the stratosphere! The realism is hard to beat, and the choice of slots available on Oculus Rift is increasing daily. The immersive qualities of VIrtual Reality mean that this medium is set to grow exponentially over the months and years to come. Just a few years ago, the technology did not exist; however, recent advances in technology have pushed virtual reality right back to the forefront of casino gaming.

HTML 5 Mobile Slots: Best on the Move

HTML 5 Mobile Slots is another trend to watch out for. The choice of slots and the quality of titles on offer for HTML 5 Mobile Slots is impressive and satisfying. These games can be played on any mobile device with a web browser.

Nokia Slots: The Original is Back

Nokia is enjoying something of a renaissance, and Nokia Slots are on the increase as well. Nokia is one of the pioneers in mobile phone technology, before the advent of the smartphone. That has all changed now, but a niche has reopening itself in the market, and Nokia is taking full advantage. Expect to see many more Nokia Slots to hit the market, as the medium continues to grow in popularity.

Real Money Gaming at Mobile Casinos

Playing for real money at an online, mobile casino is no different to wagering on a PC. Once you register with a mobile casino, you are ready to go. Just top up your credit online, and from your mobile, and the wagering can commence, with real money, and you can then win real money too! There is a wide choice of mobile devices, and brands that the selection is exceptionally vast!

How to play Mobile slots for Free

Just as mobile slots can be played for real money, many of them can also be played in free, practice mode before playing for real money. This way the player can become accustomed to the game before wagering. Many mobile slots have bonuses specific to the mobile medium. There is no shortage of choice and quality. The distinctive features of mobile play are hard to beat and exceptionally enjoyable.

The Pros of Playing Mobile Slots

There are several advantages of playing mobile slots. For a start, players have the freedom of playing anywhere there is WiFi. Furthermore, another plus is that a game can be started on one device, and continued on another later on. The choice of optimised mobile slot games is on the increase, and most newly released slots have a mobile version, seeing as this medium is in high demand. Many players prefer the mobile medium for casino gambling than PC, fact. These days, smartphones’ battery life is improved from just a short while ago, plus, players can opt to choose a battery power pack, due backup. Or if driving, recharge the phone in between gaming sessions.

The Cons of Playing Mobile Slots

There aren’t many disadvantages of using a mobile phone over the PC. If there are any, they are far outweighed by the advantages of playing in the move. However, nothing is perfect, and there are always some negative points. Battery life is one of them. Although newer devices have better batteries, not everyone has the very latest phone or tablet, which means one is continuously charging the mobile device. Alternatively, one may even have to carry a power pack to charge the battery continually. The screen of a smartphone, although sharp, is still small, and cannot capture the pure excitement of casino slots. Nevertheless, mobile slots are catching on, disadvantages or not!

Rival Slots: iSlots Genius

Rival Gaming is a long established game and software developer, having started out in 2006. Since then, Rival has produced over 150 high-quality casino games and exceptional slots with imaginative play and interesting themes. The company provides video poker games, blackjack, roulette and other speciality or table games. Their pedigree is not in question, and Rival has contributed some of the best mobile slot games for over a decade. Rival Gaming also has an exceptional line of story-driven, progressive games; the iSlots. As players progress through the game, new screens are unlocked, creating an unparalleled gaming experience.

RTG Slots: A Cut Above the Rest

RTG, or Real Time Gaming, is another established, and respected game developer. Founded as far back as 1998, RTG is one of the most stable and innovative game creators. With plenty of time to gain experience, RTG has earned a solid and positive reputation over the years. RTG’s signature platform, and multitudes of casino games, and slots of all kinds have made the company a worldwide hit. There are more than 300 games available in RTG’s ever-growing library, many of them optimised for mobile gaming.

Microgaming Slots: Experience & Innovation

Microgaming is a reputable and experienced developer of casino games. With an eye on innovation, the games get better and better further down the line. With a wealth of games to choose from, as well as excellent functioning propitiatory software, which is used by hundreds of online casinos. Microgaming has broken the progressive jackpot record, with payouts of over $100 million over the last ten years! Payouts are notoriously fast for progressive jackpot wins, cementing Microgaming’s reputation within the industry. Casino games such as blackjack and baccarat, plus speciality games and a vast selection of slots mean Microgaming is at the top of its game, with a choice of over 600 casino games.

Wager Gaming Mobile Slots: Wagering on the Move

Wager Gaming slots use Wager Gaming Technology software. There are over 120 titles and counting. The quality of Wager Gaming games is second to none, with excellent atmospherics and entertainment all rolled into one. Slots range from 1 reel to 7 reel games, encompassing everything in between! Established in 2012, Wager Gaming is relatively young compared to some of its competitors. Nevertheless, Wager slots can compete with the very best out there, and most of the time, win hands down.

Tournaments and Casino Action

Tournaments are extremely popular and sought after, as they create a unique competitive environment, which is both immersive and atmospheric. There are so many good tournaments out there, some are free to enter, while others require a small fee to enter. Both offer tremendous value and great gaming experience, almost akin to that of a land casino.

How to Deposit Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of the moment, always on everyone’s lips. Investors, casino players, and so many other functions and advantages Bitcoin offer in many strata of society. Today, hundreds of online casinos offer Bitcoin as a banking option. Of course, players will first need to get an eWallet, buy some Bitcoin, then players will be armed and ready to wager in complete anonymity, to their heart’s content! The online casino accepting Bitcoin provides typically links to where players can create an eWallet, buy Bitcoin and get started. Bitcoin wallets are compatible with almost all desktop and mobile operating systems. Bitcoin can be purchased with US Dollars, or another primary currency, then it will reside in the eWallet until needed.

Best Mobile Slots: Hard to Choose

It is hard to choose these days since there are so many top quality mobile slots out there. Almost every new game being released also comes with an optimised, mobile version. So the choice is nearly akin to that offered for PC. Given, the number of PC games is more significant than its mobile counterpart, but this will surely change with the bat of an eyelid!

Best Mobile Casinos: Due Diligence

There are several factors which need to be checked before wagering at any online casino. Check banking terms, the speed of withdrawals of winning, Bonus conditions, including the wagering requirements. Furthermore, a search of the net will typically bring up negatives and positives of any online casino. Necessary due diligence at the outset saves a lot of heartaches later.

New Mobile Slots of Glory!

Slot and casino games are being released by the week. There is indeed more choice now than there ever was. Virtually every new game published is also available in the mobile version, fully optimised and modified to work smoothly on any modern tablet, or smartphone, whether iOS, Android, Windows or otherwise. It’s no longer if, but when are slots to be released for mobile gaming.

New Mobile Casinos & Best Bonuses

It takes a lot to penetrate the online casino market, which is already saturated. The ones that do manage are the new cream of the cream. As a rule, new casinos offer better welcome bonuses and sign up offers. Since they have to compete with the more traditional casinos, they offer more generous gifts to attract players and Posch them from their competitors. The welcome bonus is the main weapon new casinos have; this is good news for players, as checking out the individual bonuses could yield rich benefits and rewards!