Mister Money Slots

Mister Money is a video slot game that is all about what it would be like to be filthy rich. The humor in it comes from the fact that, if you play the game well, it can make you filthy rich yourself. The game celebrates the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and has lots of cool features like Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, and a progressive jackpot that can be triggered randomly at any time.

Getting Control of Mister Money

Mister Money is an easy game to learn, in large part because the designers have kept the functionality quite simple: they want you to be able to play straight away.

Start off by choosing how much money you want to stake on each virtual "coin"; you can set this as low as a penny, or as high as five dollars. Next, decide how many lines you would like to play.

Mister Money allows you to activate up to 20 different pay lines, the basic idea being that the more lines in play, the greater your chances of hitting a winning combination are.

Then, click the Spin button and see what happens.

Recognize the Quality of the Goods

Mister Money is quite special in that it's designers weren't lazy: they didn't use any of the boring high playing cards that plague this kind of game. Instead, every single symbol you see is something unique and fresh.

Most of the symbols are representative of cool things that you would buy if you had insane amounts of money, or simply things that rich people have. Expect to see bags of cash, expensive jewelery, gold and platinum watches, fast cars, private planes and palatial mansions, all of them worth decent amounts of coin.

Pay special attention when you see the White Diamond, because it acts as a Wild symbol. Most importantly, it's a multiplier that doubles the value of any winning combination it finds itself part of.

Mister Money's Bags of Bonus Cash

Most importantly, you will want to watch out for the Red Diamond. Two Red Diamonds anywhere on the reels gives you a cash prize, but three or more will launch free spins bonus game.

The screen will fill with moneybags, and you must pick some of them. Behind the bags are free spins and multipliers, which will dictate the number of free spins you get, and the amount by which your winnings will be multiplied.

And remember, the progressive jackpot could be triggered at any time, but only if you're playing on maximum bet.

Where the Rich People Hang Out

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