Million Dollar Rally Slots

Love rally and love cars? Then you will probably enjoy this fun and exciting slot game from Wager Gaming technology (former Vegas Technology) called the Million Dollar Rally Slots. This five-reel five-payline slot machine has rally themed icons that include a trophy, dollars, blue racing car, red racing car, green racing car, seven, tire, flags, and cherries. Betting on this exciting slot game will only cost its players from $.01 to $10 per coins and can maxbet up to five coins.

Million Dollar Rally Slots information
  • Number of Reels - 5
  • Pay Lines - 5
  • Maximum Jackpot prize - 10,000 coins
  • Coin Denomination - $0.01 - $10
  • Winning Combinations - 29
  • Bonus Games - No
  • Wild Symbol - No
  • Scatter Symbols - No
  • Free Spins - No
  • Casinos to play - Liberty Slots Casino, Lincoln Casino, Miami Club casino

Playing Million Dollar Rally Slots is not hard at all, with the free to download gaming software that the Vegas Technology Casinos have. The flash version is also available to those who are not favorable in downloading any software to their computers. These casinos also keep their players safe and secure at all times with the use of an encryption technology as part of their security measure. One great feature of these casinos is their kind and friendly customer service that are available anytime all the time.

Million Dollar Rally Slots Symbols and Winning Combinations

When playing Million Dollar Rally Slots, you need not to think of those complicated symbols and combinations in order to win big prizes. Million Dollar Rally Slots is very simple to play, as players will only focus on the icons in completing any winning combinations. No special symbols like wild, scatter, multiplier, and bonus whatsoever to win big prizes. Despite the absence of those power symbols that help a lot in completing a winning combination, the Million Dollar Rally Slots has indeed 29 possible winning combinations that can be won. Million Dollar Rally Slots' highest paying symbol is the trophy icon. Once the player has the trophy icon appear five times from any of the paylines, he or she is entitled the highest jackpot prize of 10,000 coins.

The second highest paying symbol is the Dollars icon that will award the player with 5,000 coins the moment he or she has spotted the said icon, five times from any of the paylines.

The third highest paying symbol of the other hand is the Blue Racing car that gives away 2,500 coins the moment five of this icon appears on any of the paylines.

The Red Racing Car is Million Dollar Rally Slots' fourth highest paying symbol. It generates a winning of 1,500 coins win five red cars appear on the paylines. Finally, the Green Racing Car completes the list of the high paying symbols of Million Dollar Rally Slots. Five of this icon will generate a winning of 1,000 icons. All the other icons aside from the mentioned above generates winning from 100 to 500 coins when they appear five times as well.

Million Dollar Rally Slots Paylines

Million Dollar Rally Slots is a five-reel online slot game that has five-paylines that include the horizontal center, horizontal too, and horizontal bottom for paylines one to three. Payline number four on the other hand is a V-shaped payline that covers from the top left corner to the bottom center to the top right corner icon. The fifth payline is an inverted V-shape that covers the bottom-left corner icon first then to the top-center icon then to the bottom-right icon. All of the five paylines are activated every time the player inserted a coin.

Casinos with Million Dollar Rally Slots

Million Dollar Rally Slots are easy to find in casinos powered by Wager Gaming Technology. Many of them welcome players from the USA and offer a wide variety of banking options that bring comfort to their US and international players.

Bonuses vary from welcome bonuses to loyalty and referral bonuses, which are all generous enough to start playing for real money.

Download Million Dollar Rally Slots now and hold your breath, as you get thrilled every time you spin.