Slots Galore Summer Slots $500,000 Series

Summer of 2010 is a time of tremendous rewards for slot game aficionados! Liberty Slots Casino, Miami Club casino, Lincoln Casino is offering treasure totaling $500,000 to slot game players! The Series runs through the three months of summer and the total reward comes to $500,000.

June – Part I

The big tournament started in June with Slots Galore’s big Funky Chicken Slots tourney. Played on the crazy and hilarious Funky Chicken game, 275 players participated in the tournament, and prizes were awarded ranging from $10 for last place all the way up to $50,000 for first place.

July – Part II

The second part of the tournament is running in July on the exciting new Shaaark! Slot game. The first place prize for this one will be $60,000, second place will get $25,000 and third place will win $10,000. Winnings go all the way down to $25 for the players who come in at the very end. The total money awarded in the July tournament will total $175,000.

August – Part III

The exciting new game used in the third phase of the series is hot new game, California Gold! This is a big and exciting new game from Vegas Technology serves as the platform for the biggest and richest phase of the Summer Slots tournament. First prize in phase three is $75,000, second place wins $25,000 and third is $10,000. Again prizes run all the way down so every participant will receive at least a $25 purse.

Overall Winner

The excitement does not stop there! The player who wins the most in all three phases of the Slots Galore Summer Slots Series gets an additional $75,000 cash. The total winnings being distributed in this contest come to $500,000, and the bulk of that goes to the top level winners.

Home of the Slot Tournament

This is not the first big WGT tournament, and it will not be the last by any means. Every season, every month, every week and, in fact, every day Slots Galore offers rewarding tournaments, the bulk of which focus on slot games, but other tournaments are offered as well. Blackjack, Video Poker and Roulette are some of the games that Slots Galore offers regular tournaments in.

Try Tournament Play Now!

Many slot players never consider tournament play, and that is sad because tournaments are where the real money in slot games hides. All of the top casinos offer tournaments on a regular basis. Tournaments up the excitement factor and they increase the potential for big winnings to the slot player.