Lucky Beans Slots

Ah, where did the days go when an online slot game was just a classic online slot game without hardcore graphics or distracting gizmos and complicated gameplay? Lucky Beans Slots is a blast from the past in the most beautiful way complete with classic 2D graphics and a simple design, this 5 reel 30 paylines slot is the perfect piece of nostalgia to keep you spinning the reels while having a great time. Of course, with the title Lucky Beans, the slot game is based on Jack and the Beanstalk, an old story that many of us remember from being children. Jack, the protagonist, is the wild symbol and can substitute for all symbols except the scatter. Even though, this slot is a classic game it brings some innovative gameplay that will keep the spinning fresh and the prizes even fresher.

Special Features and Free Spins

Lucky Beans Slots comes with some additional gameplay that are new to the genre. Like after every spin there is a random chance to win a cash prize of 200x the triggering bet. Every other spin contains a chance to win a random multiplier that will increase your winnings 5 fold. Aside from your wild symbol Jack, there is also a vertical wild reel that can be randomly earned on reels 1 and 3. If awarded, winnings are paid out! A free spins mode is awarded once the scatter symbol appears on both reel 2 and reel 4. During this free spins mode, reels 1 and 3 can be turned into vertical wilds.

Lucky Beans Feature Mode

A special mode is the Lucky Beans feature mode that appears once 200 beans are collected. A bean is collected every time a bean symbol is spun or appears on the reels. As you spin more beens, they gather in the bean pot. Prizes in this special mode are based on your average bet. Level 1 comes with six possible choices and has four chances to win. If you do win you move forward to level 2. Level 2 has three chances to find the prize. Level 3 narrows it down to 2 chances. If you win level three then you keep the prize

A Classic Blast from the Past

Lucky Beans Slots is the perfect mixture of nostalgic 2D slot game with innovative and interesting new features that will keep each spin of the reel fresh and welcoming. WIth its Lucky Beans Feature Mode, a new level of difficult yet rewarding gameplay is introduced that may frustrate you in a glorious way or will keep you smiling as you fill your wallet.