Jungle King Slots

Jungle King is a video slot set in the deepest part of a jungle filled with strange plants and wonderful creatures. Part of the appeal of this game is the attention to detail that the graphic designers have put into it - it's visually splendid. In terms of features, you'll find that this game scratches your video slot itch in an extremely satisfying way. Along with Wild symbols for easier wins, it has a symbol-match bonus round that pays out in multiples of your total bet, and a top jackpot prize worth $37,500! Take a swing at Jungle King today at your favorite online casino. You don't even have to download the software: you can play the game right there in your web browser.

The Law of the Jungle

The aim of Jungle King is to spin the reels in such a way that the symbols on them line up when they come to rest. You need a combination of at least three symbols to trigger a cash payout, and the prize money only increases with longer combo chains. The symbols need to line up along a "pay line" - a line which zigzags from left to right. There are 25 different lines that the game supports, and you can play as many as you like simultaneously. Each line that you add costs an additional bet, but it also gives you an extra chance to win.

Wildlife Safari

There's a lot to see in Jungle King. The symbol set begins with the traditional set of playing card symbols, but quickly becomes more interesting.Expect to see creatures as small as a Butterfly and as large as a Tiger, with plenty in between. The most useful symbol in the game is the Big Chief, which acts as the Wild symbol. You can use it to substitute for almost anything else in the game, making it much easier to hit bigger combos.

Kingly Bonus Round

The Big Chief only ever appears on reels one and five, but if he ever appears on both simultaneously, the bonus round triggers. In the bonus round, you presented with nine hidden symbols, which you must scratch to reveal your prize - you're aiming for three of a kind. What's up for grabs in this round is a multiple of your total bet - not just your line bet, but the total amount of money you wager on each spin. You can win between 3x and 200x your total bet amount, making it possible to pull down an extra $50,000 this way!