Bonus Rounds in Slot Tournaments

There is a debate going on about the pros and cons of playing bonus rounds in slot tournaments. Before we discuss this debate, it should be noted that most online casinos have specific rules when it comes to bonus rounds in slot tournaments. Among these rules is the fact that “any hands, spins or bonus features in play at the point at which the tournament ends will not complete, and the outcome will not apply to the final result of the event. Only completed hands, spins, and bonus features will count towards the final outcome.” The final outcome is dependent upon how much a player can accrue during the actual tournament. For example, in most slots tournament scenarios it is the top 10 players with the highest payouts won in the allotted time that make it to the leader board and share in the prize pool.

Bonus Rounds: The Pros

Obviously, if the measure of success in winning a slot tournament is based on the total amount won, then bonus rounds can make all the difference because they are part and parcel of the entire slot tournament play.

Bonus Rounds: The Cons

On the other hand, if a player is new to slot tournaments and is playing a slot game they are unfamiliar with, the bonus round can pose a challenge unless the player understands how to play the bonus game beforehand. Thus, this can reduce their total winnings and take them out of the running.


All slot tournaments are posted on our site: online slots tournaments schedule. Thus, before entering a slot tournament it is recommended that you play the slot game beforehand so that you become proficient at it. This requires reading the paytable, the rules of the game, and understand how the bonus round works. Practice play is a good way to fully appreciate all the nuances of the game. Once you do, then you can play in the slot tournament with complete confidence.

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