Board Babe Slots

Board Babe slots brings to your computer screen a new and exciting video slot game. With a snowboarding and winter theme, Board Babe slots sports a chill look with all the right gizmos. Though the layout is simple, Board Babe slots provides the perfect venue for beginners and regulars alike to enjoy themselves while playing along with this winter game, on their way to the jackpot.

The Gameplay

Board Babe Slots is a 9-reel 5 pay-line video slots game; one of many of its kind. Video slots games are taking over as people enjoy moving pictures to static objects. The gameplay of Board Babe Slots is pretty straightforward. The game boasts 29 winning combinations, which can be seen on the pay table. The maximum bet allowed is $450 for a jackpot of $2500, perhaps small in some regards, but a respectable prize.

As with any slots game worth it's salt, Board Babe Slots offers an alternative to the maximum bet with a wide range of denominational coins, beginning at the penny, and working their way up.

Symbols of the Game!

Board Babe Slots has a lot of symbols that could serve you for possible payout. These are the goggles, the house, the snowman, the St. Bernard, and cards ace through nine.

Also among the symbols are some that serve a special purpose, and will make it easier and more exciting for you to see a worthwhile payout.

The Board Babe symbol serves a few functions; it contains its own 2X multiplier, but also serves as the wild symbol. The Board Babe symbol is able to replace any symbol except the scatter.

The aforementioned scatter symbol, is the snow flake. Should it appear five times, you will win 200 times your trigger bet.

Bonus Game!

Alright now here's the part everyone likes, the bonus game. Within Board Babe Slots there is a bonus game that can be activated using the Board Babe symbol. If you should get the Board Babe symbol on reels one and five simultaneously, then you will have activated the bonus game.

You will be transported to a new screen within the game where only three words will appear on the bottom. Those are left, right, and jump. The goal of this fun bonus game, is to choose one of the three after the board babe does them as well. You can continue to match her until you make a mistake. Once a mistake is made, the game is over and you leave after collecting your total winnings.

Play Board Babe Slots Now!

Board Babe Slots brings the wintery snowboarding them to your computer screen. Using unique winter symbols, and an awesome Board Babe bonus game, you can stay inside, stay warm, and stay entertained while playing this video slots game. Go check it out now!