Blue Lagoon Slots

Marine themes are common in slot machine games. What could be making Blue Lagoon such a hit among other players? One could hazard a guess as this phenomenon. For one, a lot of people can picture what a blue lagoon looks like and how relaxing it would be to be in one. Pretty much, playing the slot game is the closest one could get to a blue lagoon if it isn’t one within the player’s immediate plans. We recommend to play Blue lagoon slots at on of the best online casino: Liberty Slots casino.

Welcome Blue Lagoon - Shells Galore

In the game Blue Lagoon, a player will expect no less than the shell symbols to indicate winners for a player. Getting one of it anywhere or three of them on the center payline will have a corresponding payout. The payouts can be twice, four times, six to ten times and between 500 to 2,500 times the coin size. The payout table grid also separates the payout credit according to the number of coin bets. So 1 coin bet will have the lowest payout compared to 5 coin bets.

Players should not be misled by other symbols they would correlate with a blue lagoon such as seahorse, starfish and puffer fish. These are cute symbols to see and entertaining but beyond that, players will find no payout value for any of these symbols. However, as is commonly stressed by slot machine gamers, part of the enjoyment of this game is the sounds it makes and the graphics that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Unique Symbol Functionality

The Blue Lagoon is a unique three-reel slot machine game because despite having one of the smallest numbers of reels, it can still afford to give players a winning break with a single symbol. Most slot machine games would tell you that payout would only be provided if they were on the center payline and at least three of the symbol type will show. In this game, the shell symbol can land anywhere on the reels and that’s as good as any winning combination for you. Two shell symbols on the same payline however will correspond to a payout equivalent to a single shell symbol but then again, that’s a lot better than nothing.

Where to play Blue Lagoon Slots

As you can see, the game Blue Lagoon takes its charm not just from the vacation theme it presents but also from the unique game rules that go in favor of the player. Put them together and what you got is a great game like no other.