Black Gold Slots

There’s a reason that the Betsoft engineered, 3D format casino game Black Gold Slots receives consistently high ratings from players, whether they’re playing for money or not. This is a relatively new selection at Drake Casino, and has win written all over it the screen and storyline. Download now to take advantage of this 5 reel, 30 payline game where you get to be feel like an oil tycoon of the Californian Gold Rush era. The graphics and cartoonish laughs help drive the engrossing play forward, as skillful Bill and his faithful draft horse set out to make their own fortune drilling oil, which is otherwise known as black gold. What has made Black Gold Slots so very popular is the chance at the largest payouts that a 3D slot game offers.

The Fortunes at Black Gold Slots

Once you download now, you can choose to put down a maximum bet of 150 coins, or go with the minimum two cents. Black Gold Slots is all fun and games, with Bill’s cartoonish and happy-go-lucky horse acting as your welcome cheering section each time you reap one of the many generous payouts for which the game is renowned. With symbols reminiscent of those pioneering times when men became either wealthy overnight, or lost it all and became dirt-poor from one day to the next, your eyes will brighten with the familiarity of oil barrel symbols on the reels, oil valves, a no trespassing sign, Bill himself, an oil pump, a drill bit, oil bit, Bill’s hat and more. Each symbol has associated with it a worth that will be made known to you after you download now at Drake’s Casino.

Black Gold Bonus

If anyone ever whispers that Black Gold Slots simply isn’t a fair game, understand that they mean it isn’t very fair to the casino. There’s a Central Reel Multiplier that, every time you strike a winning series of reels, you will be paid up to 5 times your jackpot! In fact, this isn’t a onetime deal; you can strike winning combinations throughout and receive different numerical multipliers through the night of playing.

Another bonus in Black Gold Slots is the Nighttime Free Spins game, which also doubles as the Barn game, where you can win Free Spins whenever you chance upon three Barn symbols in a row. Similar to the Center Reel Multiplier above, it multiplies winning combinations for you, resulting in ever-bigger payouts as long as the number of times remains in single digits.

Ratcheting up the excitement even further is a bonus round in which you go back to the very roots of Black Gold Slots, and Drill for Oil. This bonus round pops up onscreen when at least three Drill symbols from the selection of symbols mentioned above shows up; your pot depends on which oil drill you pick.

This fun-packed 3D slots game isn’t quite finished with you yet; after you download now, you will be able to experience the final bonus game, which is called the Higher-Lower. Come across three oil pumps on the reels to be transported to this extra round; after which you have to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the previous in order to win what promises to be a very grand prize. However; you only get four shots at this, after which you leave with what you came.

Join In On the Fun

With super payouts, a very fun theme mired in history, scatter symbols and multipliers leading to bonus games and free spins, there isn’t a thing not to like about Black Gold Slots by Betsoft. Come on over and download now to see how much you can make Bill and his horse at Drake Casino.