The Right Prize Slots

This is a must play for any fan of game shows. This slot is based on the hit game show “The Price is Right” and has some of the best animations out there. From the spinning logo to the cars “tearing up” the reels, this five reel slot is truly an eyeful. The four different bonus games make it all the more exciting. There are an endless number of prizes that can be won between the reels and the bonus games. If you have ever wanted to “come on down”, then you can not miss this one.Download and Play The Right Prize Slots

Here’s how to play

This is a five reel slot that can play up to 25 lines. It has wilds, scatters, and free spins and pays out for several different combinations. There are some strategies to the game though. Many people are of the mind that if you put less in you have a lower risk. This may be true, but it is also true that you will win less. You may want to use the max bet with a smaller coin so that you can maximize your winnings. You want to have as much of the screen covered with your lines as you can get. This way, you are sure to win on at least one line and can even get several lines to pay out in one spin. One other benefit to using the max bet is that you will often extend your play time. Players that use the max bet are able to last longer at the machines, increasing the odds of a jackpot. By utilizing your max bet, you increase your chances at the jackpot, which is the goal to all casino games.

A look at the Prize Wheel

The simple part of this slot is the actual reels. There are five reels plastered in some of the best animation in the slot industry. They contain several different symbols to help you win your fortunes. The basic symbols that you need to match are a red car, a cruise, turboWax, a crowd, a lady with a black shirt, and a man with a microphone. That is not all though. The Right Prize logo is also on the board as a wild card and there are also door symbols and spinning wheels. The doors will get you a win if you get two or more anywhere on the screen. Three or more of these will get the free spins bonus where all the wins are tripled. The spinning wheels will get you bonus games if three or more appear anywhere on the screen.

Bonus Game Time

There are four different bonus games to The Right Prize. These are all triggered by getting the spinning wheels. The first of these is the Chip Drop game. This is based on the game Plinko. The chip gets dropped in the top of the game board and you have to pick where it comes out. Guess it right any you can get some huge payouts. Another of the bonus games is Pick a Prize. In this game you continue to pick prizes. They range from televisions and radios to gas stoves and washing machines. Pick the right ones and you can quickly rake in the dough. The next bonus is the Spin to Win. This one is just like the wheel in Price is Right. A woman spins the wheel when you click and where it stops tells you how many bonus points you get. The last of these games is the Right Prize Bonus game. This one is based on the old show Let’s Make a Deal. You are given three different doors and you select one and get the bonus prize behind the door. Any one of these bonus games can really boost your bank account.