The Last King Of Egypt Slots

The Last King of Egypt is a super new five reel, 25 payline slot game from Wager gaming Technology (former Vegas Technology). As part of Vegas Technology's rapidly growing collection of slot games, it shares in common the great functionality and a wonderful look. The styling of this game, as the name implies, is that of ancient Egypt, complete with images of the king, dashing Egyptian Arabian horses, splendid chariots and other images, creating the environment of Egypt of yore.

Mandates of the Last King

The Last King of Egypt works with the same rules that most modern slot games use. It is very straightforward and it works flawlessly, making the game all the more fun to play. Coin values are established by the player to denominations ranging from 1¢ up to 50¢. The game accepts one coin bet per payline, so the maximum bet ranges in value from 25¢ up to $12.50, making this game suitable for the avid casual player, rather than for the real high roller. The payouts, however, make this game tempting to all, with a jackpot worth 9000 coins! If playing 25¢ coin values, that makes the big pot worth $2250 - truly a reward fit for a king.

Symbolism of Ancient Egypt

The main symbols of The Last King of Egypt are the King looking at the stars, the Sphinx, the Queen in her royal headdress, a dashing black Egyptian Arabian horse, an Amulet and a Royal Chariot. Additionally, card indices from 9 through A serve in lower combinations.

The King serves as the wildcard, replacing any symbol in any winning combination, with the normal exception of the scatter. If five Kings show up on a single payline, the jackpot is paid, making the cleverly animated King the most desirable figure to come up.

The inscrutable Sphinx is the Scatter symbol. When three Sphinxes show up, ten free spins are awarded with a 3x multiplier, making the winnings really impressive!

Play The Last King of Egypt Now!

A great looking, easy to understand and perfectly functioning game, The Last King of Egypt is an ideal, basic slot game that offers fun for all. The payouts are generous and the bets are modest, making this an ideal weeknight, casual pick-up game. The Last King of Egypt may be found at New WGT powered Liberty Slots Casino. For some fun rest and relaxation, settle into your most comfortable gambling station and log onto our favorite Wager Gaming Technology casino, and get the reels spinning tonight!