Outta This World Slots

Outta This World is a fantastic video slot that takes us literally out of this world and into space. The game is packed to the eyeballs with special effects, rocket ships and bug eyed aliens. It's incredibly fun to play, and among its better features are a top prize of 7,500 coins ($37,500 at max bet), a lucrative bonus game that will take you on a tour of alien worlds, and a progressive jackpot that grows all the time and can be triggered absolutely randomly - even on a spin that wouldn't otherwise be worth anything.

Download and Play Outta This World Slots

How to Fly the Spaceship

The controls of Outta This World are surprisingly easy to master. First, pick how much your coins are going to be worth - you can set them as low as 1c or as high as $5 each, depending how flush you feel.

Next, choose how many lines you want to play. Unlike old school three reel slots, this game has 5 reels and allows you to bet on the center line, above it, below it, across it and back again. There are up to 20 lines that you can activate, and each line you add gives you an extra chance to win on each spin.

Then hit the Spin button and watch the reels fly. If they land with symbols lining up on any of your activated lines, you win.

Things to See in Outer Space

For the most part, the graphics in this game are awesome and fun, with cartoon style space paraphernalia aplenty. The image set stars with zoomified versions of high playing cards, 9 through Ace, which look cool but aren't worth much.

Instead, look out for the rocket ship, the space telescope, the flying saucer and the planets - these are all worth far more serious amounts of coin.

In particular, look out for the bug eyed green alien, because he is Wild. But he behaves like no other Wild you've ever encountered. When he lands, he spreads out to cover the entire reel he's on, effectively tripling your chance of winning on your activated lines!

Intergalactic Bonus Rounds

If you're after bonuses, look out for the Black Hole. If any three Black Holes show up, they trigger the Bonus game, where you're presented with a bunch of planets to pick from.

Two are hiding aliens, and if you click both of them, the game is over and you head back to the reels, but the other planets are all hiding goodies like free spins with all winnings doubled, and cash bonuses of up to 100 times your original bet.

Set Your Coordinates to Bodog

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