Halloween Slots

There are many Halloween themed slots out there. However, none are as original and downright spooky as this one. There is a significant difference between this Halloween slot and the multitudes of others. This Halloween slot is influenced by the classic 1970's movie which featured one of the most frightening screen creations ever; Michael Myers, aka The Boogeyman. The theme of Halloween has been the subject of many a film, book and slot. It is too tempting not to use. The theme itself attracts players who love a scary atmosphere. The slot itself bears all the hallmarks of an entertaining and engaging casino game, so it is not merely atmospherics. Trick or Treat? Welcome to Halloween slots; where casino gaming moves into the magical world of Halloween.

Halloween Characters

This Halloween, horror is on the menu. Michael Myers will scare the living daylights out if you. Can you resist the evil? Can you succeed where others have failed? Can you finally bring Michael Myers down forever? Only this will ensure victory at the slots and Halloween happiness. The characters are all heavily based on Halloween and all that surrounds this classic, yet spooky feast, but it is Halloween with a difference.


You have 50 Lines upon which to wager. So there is real choice and variety. There are 5 x 3 'regular' reels. When they start to wander, they change to 3 x 4 reels, thus the Wandering Reels title. There are also Jumbo Blocks that conspire to increase your chances of winning. The system is rather different from another run of the mill slots. There is a touch of genius and creativity in the game design and sharpness to the graphics. Playing Halloween will transport you into a dimension of terror and fear, yet exciting and thrilling. Face your fears, conquer your terror, and you could win a huge game payout, the maximum of 400 coins.

Bonus: Trick or Treat?

Halloween offers scary and spooky bonus features with the game. For instance, take the Trick or Treat Wheel Bonus. An impressive round to say the least! The Free Spins round features Halloween characters to spice up the game. The Boogeyman Bonus is another feature to watch out for and take maximum advantage of the game. The various multipliers that appear throughout the game and particularly during the bonus rounds are highly entertaining and can be quite lucrative too.


The wandering reels game function is just one of the engaging features that power Halloween slot. The wagering options are decent and varied enough to be attractive to most player types; novices as well as high rollers. The mobile version is streamlined and works efficiently and smoothly. The graphics and game are optimized for mobile platforms so that nothing will be lost during game play. Dare you face the Boogeyman on his terms? Dare you try out this spooky game of Halloween slots? It's your faith against the Boogeyman's terror. Halloween serves up an exquisite brew of evil, horror, entertainment and high tension casino action with plenty of chances to win big. Take a peek inside Halloween. Say your prayers beforehand, cross your fingers and take the plunge. You could win that coin payout of 400 coins.