Madonna Lucky Star Slots

Madonna Lucky Star must be one of the most hotly anticipated slots of the decade! The Queen of Pop, Madonna is the Lucky Star that we have all been waiting for. The slot is the first in a series of releases covering different eras of Madonna’s musical career. The first release; Madonna Lucky Star is finally here. We can expect some classy gameplay shrouded in music and lucky chances to win. The fantastic music of Madonna is backing to the gameplay, and there are some significant bonus features, and lots of big music hits from the Queen of Pop’s early career. There is little doubt that Madonna is a modern day star, a Lucky Star that she is bringing to slot players all over the world.

Madonna Special Features

Madonna Lucky Star Slots features number one hits from her first decade. There are some excellent bonuses and ReSpins, a Wild, Bonus symbol, and a Scatter. There is a special Holiday Bonus round, as well as a Material Girl Bonus. Furthermore, Madonna Lucky Star Slots carries three jackpots! The Platinum, the Diamond, and the Grand jackpots. Each one can pay out handsomely, and they add extra casino action to the game flow, plus lots of chances to win. The ReSpins game feature combines more intensity and atmospherics. Even more so, extra ReSpins can be activated during the ReSpins round itself!

Material Girl Symbols

Madonna Lucky Star has excellent retro symbols from the 1980’s. There are several game icons of the Material Girl herself, taken from the videos Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Holiday, and others. There is a Wild logo symbol, a Bonus symbol, which acts as the Scatter. Landing three Scatters will activate the Bonus round, and increase the chances of winning a material payout from the Material Girl! There is the Lucky Star game logo, and a cassette tape, lips, a microphone, costume jewellery in the form of bangles, the Madonna name logo, and more exciting icons that add to the Madonna feel. The music hits to accompany the wagering perfectly, and satisfyingly.

A Glittering Lucky Star

Madonna Lucky Star is a glittering diamond of a slot with bright lights, lovely music, intense casino action and a superlative theme. The game delivers a supremely entertaining experience, as the game creators intended. The game has clear buttons at the bottom of the screen, below the reels. They allow complete control over the wagering process, besides customising the gameplay. The 5-reels and multiple pay lines afford broad wagering options. The symbols fit in nicely with the theme and compliment the betting with their graphically pleasing designs.

The Future

There is no doubt this slot is destined to become an instant classic. It contains all the ingredients that comprise a brilliant slot game. Factor in the mobile version and you have a complete and exceptional game. Madonna Lucky Star can be downloaded, or enjoyed in Instant Play mode, which fits perfectly with mobile gaming, on a tablet, or smartphone. Both iOS and Android versions are compatible. H2: The First of Many If this game is anything to go by, we can expect more Madonna slots shortly, covering the later periods of her music career. The 1990’s era should be particularly anticipated. How will the themes of Erotica, Justify My Love and other sexy subject matter be dealt with in a slot? We shall just have to wait and see. In the meantime, here are Madonna Lucky Star slots to whet your appetite. Enjoy your Holiday with the Material Girl, bringing with her a Lucky Star! - Just for you! Discover the magic of a supremely talented individual, brought to you as a casino slot. We’re living in a material world, and Madonna is a Material Girl!