Tropical Tiki Slots

Tropical Tiki is a colorful game set amidst the dense foliage of an unnamed Polynesian island populated by flying In creatures, trees, flowers, smiling tikis, and the like. The music is perhaps more suited to a Caribbean island than a Pacific one, but that's okay; it's upbeat and fits the tropical vacation vibe. So if you're looking for a bright-looking slot in a secluded location, Tropical Tiki is.

About Tropical Tiki

Its active play area alternates between the base game played on a 6-reel, 3-row grid, and free spins, where positions are unlocked to increase reel height and manners. In the default 6x3 size, players have 729 ways to win. Tropical Tiki combines several popular tropes to create a hilarious slot that can charm players looking for a Pacific island escape through the reels. It might be fine for a few laughs, but it wasn't a game that would lead to the primary goal. Paradoxical perhaps, considering that the game is in such an exotic part of the world. If you need a little pick me up, then Tropical Tiki radiates waves of positivity through its party-time tunes, colorful graphics, and, last but not most minor, its charming tiki characters.

Betting Options And Payouts

Playable from $25 to a maximum of $125 per paid spin, winning combinations will set off a chain of events rather than just a straight payout. What happens is that when at least three of the same symbols land on the leftmost reel, they lock at the bottom of the grid, and the non-winning symbols disappear. New characters will then come in, and if they can improve the winning total, they will also lock onto the grid, while non-winning characters will fall away. The evaluation will occur when the win stops improving with the symbol drop or the grid is full. Payouts are equal to 0.16x to 0.28x the bet for getting six low-paying ten to A royal cards or 0.4x to 2x the stake for six coconuts, green fruit, dragon fruit, blue tiki masks, and green tiki masks, or red tiki masks. No doubt, thanks to the winning system,

Bonus Drum Feature

During the winning symbol, rolling mechanic explained above, scatter characters remain on the screen as non-winning signs disappear and new ones appear. If the system of moving winning symbols is not your cup of tea, then probably forget about playing. Tropical Tiki because that's pretty much it. Sure, there is one expansion element introduced in the free spins. Still, the repetition of its one trick soon wears thin, and even the overall welcoming attitude may not be enough to stop him from dreaming of another place to escape.

Scatter And Free Spins

Hitting four Scatters on reels two to five will trigger a bonus round where players will receive eight free spins. Depending on the Scatters trigger, you'll also get paid - 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, or 35x your bet for landing 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 scatters, respectively. In the free spins, the grid expands to a size of 6 reels and five rows. However, the rows are inactive at the start of the round. Therefore, at the beginning of each free spin, one position on the top two reels will randomly unlock. The bonus round cannot retrigger, so eight places can open, giving a maximum of 6,400 ways to win.

Bonus Buy-In Option

If you're dying to see what Tropical Tiki can do and are not in the mood to wait, you can buy free spins instead. If there is a Buy Free Spins button in your jurisdiction, clicking this will allow you to buy the bonus round for 100x the stake. The number of trigger scatters always 4, and the trigger rotation does not cause any drops. Players should know that buying free spins reduces the RTP by 0.20%.