Striker Fortune Slots

Striker Fortune is a creative 5-reel, slot game with 99 pays lines! It conjures up a mixture of footballing magic and places that at the heart of this exceptional slot game. There are no reels and no pay lines in their standard form. The player wins a grand payoff if the host team wins the football game. Striker Fortune Slots is a release by the well-known game developers Cryptologic. There is an exciting bonus game, outstanding, unique features and an excellent collection of game symbols that fit the footballing theme like a goalkeeper’s globes! The wagering per spin ranges from just 25 cents, rising to a high upper limit of $100, so all player types can enjoy the wagering according to their personal bankrolls.

Team Work

The two teams challenge one another with dribbling, passing, and attempting to score. Each team has three players. A goal is scored when football players appear on each of the reels to form a continuous line. Each chain built in this manner leads to the goal. The amount of the payout will depend on the final score that the host team manages to win by. The maxim winning payout can rise to 500x the wager! The game also offers training and real modes.

Striker Symbols

Striker Fortune game symbols include a wide variety of football-related icons. They include different football players and the champion’s trophy. The many player symbols are the standard ones, and the trophy icon is the bonus symbol. To choose a team, one will need to click on the flags near the score on the table. During the next spin, the new players will turn up on the field of play wearing their newly selected football kits, representing the county chosen by the player with their national colours.

Training Grounds Bonus

When three golden cup symbols drop onto the field of play, the players start a training exercise game without any opponents. Of a goal is scored during the training session, a payout is guaranteed. In addition, all winnings emanating from the training game have multipliers of between 1x, and 3x the wager, which bolsters the payouts even more. The bonus round is a neat addition and a welcome change from the main game. Plus it provides more chances.

Interface and Wagering

The interface Striker Fortune uses is simple, intuitive and user-friendly. The Spin button starts every round of play, and the betting amount is selected by using the arrows set next to the Bet window. The payouts can be seen within the Bet window, and the game account balance is clearly displayed. There is an automatic game mode called; AutoPlay, with a wide range of advanced settings. Players can easily choose their desired parameters and set the AutoPlay function. The Game Speed button allows a faster, or slower flow, while the paytable including all the game rules can be opened by using the designated button. The wagering options start from 25 cents a coin and rise to a maximum betting limit of $100 per spin. The 99 pay lines offer unrivalled opportunities taking in a multitude of possibilities.

Graphics and Animations

The high-quality graphics and animated action provided by Striker Fortune slots is fast and frantic. The game speeds along nicely with the football players depicted in all kinds of positions. They are either wiping their foreheads, cleaning their kits, warming up, or shooting the ball. At the start of every spin, the players drop on to the field one by one, from above, and burst open when the next spin is about to start. They are amusing and entertaining to watch adding a different angle to the game. The background music blends perfectly with the atmosphere of the game.

Mobile Version

The Striker Fortune mobile version is just as impressive as its desktop counterpart. Being streamlined for mobile use, the game comes across beautifully and clearly. The graphics stand out, and the features are all present. The mobile version is fully compatible with most operating systems used by modern-day mobile devices. The slot can be downloaded to the PC, or mobile device, furthermore, players can use Instant Play mode, based on Flash technology found on most tablets and smartphones today.


Striker Fortune Slots will appeal to all players, whether they are fans of football, or not. The graphics, gameplay, and design are above average and recreate the theme and symbols faithfully and accurately. The wagering experience is smooth and the range-wide and varied. The maximum limit of $100 per spin is not for the faint-hearted, but novices will enjoy the penny wagering options. The game is a successful combination of casino gaming magic and the beauty of football. Together they make an excellent pair and provide an unmissable slot experience.