Stardust Slots

Stardust Slots is all about space. It is so bright it may hurt your eyes, and looks like it was made with the enthusiasm of a child, but we loved every spin of it, and liked the way it all came together.

We think it’s a game even people that hate space can enjoy. Though who hates space? That’d be weird. Go play it!


The premise of Stardust Slots is outer space. This theme is usually done tired and boring, and we have personally grown sick of them. Stardust Slots, is unique in the same way Guardians of the Galaxy stands out in the Marvel films. It takes its theme in new directions thanks to the visuals, and we love every minute of it. It can be a little saturated and neon for our tastes, but it is a look we know most people like and can into.


Graphics in Stardust Slots are so bright they’ll hurt you! Everything looks crisp, clear, colorful, and compelling, which causes your time spent playing to be all the easier because of how easy they are on the eyes. We really love the suits of playing cards so much we wish we had that as a font for this website, though they feel a little disjointed from the rest of the experience.

Backgrounds go well with it all, and the dark theme is fitting to make the gems and assorted space dust pop.


Gameplay in Stardust Slots is nothing new but has many a pay line. At 5 reels and 243 pay lines, it does not break any molds here, choosing instead to keep things classy in ways we can respect.

Betting here begins at pennies, making this slot easy to get into without fear of losing too much money all at once. Max bets cap out low, which tends to be how we rolled when we played it a bunch for our review.

The bonus feature is called the Lucky Feature, which is a very fitting description of what these all tend to be in all slot games.

Liked About Stardust Slots

+ Looks really well down + Nice theme + Fast pacing + Fair jackpots

Disliked About Stardust Slots

- So colorful you might die looking at it - More addictive than you’d think! - We didn’t think the gameplay was anything new

Who is Stardust Slots For?

This game’s a great romp for players of all types. Specifically, it appeals to:

* Hard won vets of the genre that have played them all * Those new to the space that want to start accessibly * Casino addicts searching for risk and money

Who is Stardust Slots NOT For?

We certainly did like this gem of a game, but it is probably not for everybody. Specifically, it may not be for you if this sounds like you in any fashion:

* Innovation is the top of your priorities list * For any numbers of reasons, the theme is not your thing * You don’t want to earn money online the easy way

Is Stardust Slots Buggy?

When we spent hours with it, we ran into no issues. Nothing went noticeably wrong with processing our payments, or with the gameplay itself in action, nothing. This is a great thing when the stakes are highest, and isn’t always the case. Rest easy knowing that everything’s going to be just fine on any brand of device you’re using to win money here.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on Stardust Slots

Stardust Slots is a game that doesn’t come around all that often. We sure are glad that it did, however!

As you can tell, we like it. Go play it already! We’ll wait.