Jade Butterfly Slots

It is very rare to see a game that has such a lighthearted, soft touch to it that plays well in an innovative and fast-paced away. This game pulls out all of the stops with 1024 pay lines, wonderful additions brought to us by pragmatic play, and a beautiful Asian theme that is sure to wet the appetite of even those that are sick of all of those games! This is a very different sort of game, and a very different take on that theme. It is all very Zen in a large sense, and will appeal to people that have a found the love of the calmer things and the more relaxed aspects of life.

The user interface here is a joy, the individual images on all of the reels are gorgeous, and everything comes together here in a most serene sort of way. When we personally played it, we also had a fairly good run ourselves, meaning that it could play out quite well if you are willing to give it a chance. Although it does not have any bonus rounds and there is no progressive jackpot, there are plenty of scatter symbols and multipliers to be found. These are alongside free spins, which round out the bonuses.

As you can tell, we are big fans of this game. We think that the way they brought together a very simple and elegant theme around a novel game play concept with the extended amounts of pay lines keeps things very interesting. We found ourselves glued to the screen for long stretches of time, and would not change a thing about the game. Well, that’s not entirely true, as we love progressive jackpots, but everything else is so well done that we are willing to forgive them for that one!

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game is all about lotuses and flowers, which you probably would not expect based on the title alone! There are some wonderful butterflies present, but most of the game is actually about what the butterflies themselves are into. It is sort of a butterfly’s eye view of the world, which we never thought we would say, but here we are! It comes together in a nice way that feels very serene, also being an Asian themed game in a way. Jade has a high significance in that culture, as do butterflies, making all of them coming together with wonderful flowers about as Asian as it gets!

Things We Liked the Most

The thing we like the most about this game had to be the high number of pay lines. With 1024 of them, you can bet in all kinds of ways that will keep you playing long into the night. Our second favorite feature definitely has to be a higher amount of free spins and scatter symbols that we found that we played. Although there are not any bonus rounds here, for us, this more than made up for it. Finally, our last favorite thing about the game had to be the graphics. They are vibrant and colorful, and take their style from elements that you don’t usually see in online casino games. Most games are about violence, character, and things like that. This one is about beauty! Well done.

Things We Didn’t Much Care For

The thing that we definitely dislike the most about this has to be the lack of progress of jackpots. We are huge progressive jackpot fans, and they are part of the reason that we come to play these games so often. Alongside the lack of those, we do admit that some bonus rounds would have been fun. As we said, the respins feature does make for a mini bonus that is always present, but for a lot of players like us, we do kind of enjoy being taken to a separate screen and having to play a nice cool round of it!

The Overall Presentation in the Game

The graphics here clearly spared no expense, and were done by an expert illustrator at the top of their game. Looking at them right now, we can get lost in the details of the lovely viridian flowers, and everything is so pretty that we actually wish we had some flowers around us right now! We say that as people that love Asian Art, however, so if you are not into that serene sort of thing, this may not be the style for you.

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

It holds up quite well here, playing about like you would expect, with the added bonus of being the betting across almost any line combination you could think of. The lack of bonus modes definitely is somewhat of a detriment here, but it is nothing that can’t be made up for by simply playing for longer!

Our Experience When We Played It

When we played it, we did a lot better than breaking even! We played for more than a few hours at a time, getting sucked in quite deeply. We tended to bet in small amounts such as a few dollars a coin, and decided that longer play times work better. Overall, part of the reason we kept going for so long had to be the free spins, which is a mark in their favor for inclusion!

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Jade Butterfly Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Jade Butterfly Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that it’s a nice, simple, and peaceful game for people that want to win money online while looking at beautiful Asian artwork. Although it is lite on the butterflies, it is great on the pay lines, and for that reason, we recommend it!