Fruits Go Bananas Slots

There are 5-reels, and three powerful symbols on each reel, which essentially means you have 15 active symbols at any given time. Slots by Wazdan are growing in popularity, and you can find them at many top online casinos. The brand is relatively unknown compared to industry giants like NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming. The developer is on its way up, so you are bound to see a lot more titles from this name in the future. The game developer is very known for its incredible attention to detail, expertly designed interfaces are incredibly immersive, demonstrated here within Fruits Go Bananas.

Theme and Slot Design

As soon as you launch Fruits Go Bananas, you will be blown away by the fun and colourful feel of the slot. The accompanying melodic and intense incidental music will make you feel as though you're in sunny heaven surrounded by tall palm trees, clear blue skies and blazing sunshine. The background beyond the reels is a luxurious cruise ship, sailing through Caribbean waters at sunset. The slot game is massive graphics and intrinsic details, so the boat actual moves forwards across the ocean the whole time you're playing., and cheerful and uplifting music filled the sound of cheerful seagulls, that enhance your holiday atmosphere for this sunny, amusing slot machine game. The reels are set into a large screen situated at the front of the cruise ship. There are 5 pay lines in this slots game, considerably fewer than in most online slots, and with a market flooded why slots, sometimes thousands of them, makes this one a refreshing change. You will find fakes a bit restrictive with so few pay lines, but that does not necessarily mean fewer wins. Games with fewer pay lines often pay out higher amounts for small combos than slots which have thousands of win combos, meaning you will not lose out.

Winning Gameplay and Betting

This slot machine has a few extra settings than most slots out there, but you can easily keep things simple and use the standard settings if you prefer. To get started quickly, change your bet to the preferred amount and hit the spin button. To set the bet sizes, use the plus and minus buttons next to the coin value display. The slot has 5 pay lines, and these are fixed so you won’t need to worry about changing which pay lines you play. You always bet on 5 pay lines, and the coin value is multiplied by 5 each time. That makes it pretty simple to set up and operate your bet sizes, and it is also helpfully displayed right at the base of your screen at all times, so you can always check before you spin the reels. When you use the maximum bet button, it automatically sets the coin values to 10, and you also get to change it back before you spin, if you click it by accident! Once you are entirely satisfied with your total bet size displayed, then press the spinning button which is displayed within a rubber ring, and the reels start spinning. There are 5-reel and 5 pay lines, and you can place coins of various sizes on them. The list of coin denominations is $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9, and $10 is the largest coin value. The top betting limit of the game is $50 a spin.

Setting the Speed

You can set the speed to your preference, and you will also notice a tiny button located at the base of your reels with a taskbar running over the top. There are three game speed levels, which are the tortoise, the hare and stallion levels. You can click on the designated game button to cycle between those three levels. When the bar is set at its lowest level, that will be the tortoise, which is the slowest speed of all. It is ideal for new players so they can get used to the flow of the game. It is also useful if you prefer a less frenetic game pace, providing a more leisurely gameplay experience. The hare is the average speed level, represented by a half-full bar. The black stallion is the faster speed, and ideal for anyone who wants to rack up spins very quickly, without having to wait for lengthy animations to complete their cycle. All the three levels are represented by a picture depicting the relevant animal image just beneath the game’s speed bar.

Symbols of the Game

All of the symbols of the game are vividly animated, and you will not find a dull playing card symbol, and they are all fun and colourful original characters, which come to life whenever they are forming part of a win. Even whenever they aren’t, they will still blink, move, and look around. The slot is highly engaging and stands out from many of the other identikit slots out there. The gameplay symbols are all fruit-based, perhaps unsurprisingly, given the title. The symbols are all fruity and include classics like Bananas, Cherries, Grapes, Lemons, Oranges, Pears, Pineapples, Plums, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Watermelons. All of the symbols are animated. That does help keep the game fun, even when you're not winning. The slot has a couple of special symbols, which you can read about below.

Power Symbols and Special Features

The special symbols behave differently to regular symbols and will trigger special features or bonuses when they land in a certain way. The game wild is a refreshing looking pineapple wearing sunglasses and features the word wild written across it, and it can replace all the other regular gameplay symbol except the scatter. You can get even more than one wild at a time, meaning some big payouts are possible if you get lucky. The scatter is a banana, and you can easily recognise it as the word Scatter is emblazoned across it. The scatter can appear on all 5 of your reels and pays out when you land three or more in a single spin. Unlike standard gameplay symbols, the scatter doesn’t have to be on a specific pay line to payout. Land 3, 4, or 5, on any reels and in any position, and you receive an instant payout prize.

Bananas Free Spins and Features

To activate the free spins round, you have to get 3, 4, or 5, scatters anywhere upon the reels, and you are given an instant payout, along with several free spins. 3 scatters lands you ten free spins, four scatters get you 20 spins, and five scatter symbols get you a massive prize of 30 free games, and scatter icons also appear during the free spins, meaning you can retrigger the feature at any time.

Play for Free and Real Money

You can play the exotic Fruits Go Bananas for free with the demo play version. There's no need to part with your cash, play for free. Playing for free is a great way to explore exciting new slot machines with no financial commitment. You do not have to risk your cash on a slot that might turn out disappointing, so you can play this slot machine game as much as you like without making any deposits. Playing the slot for free allows you experience precisely the same special bonus features and free spins.

Instant Play iOS and Android Mobile game

You can play Fruits Go Bananas slot machine on most platforms, which essentially means you aren’t restricted to playing on your desktop, or laptop. If you prefer playing on a larger screen, you can still play on your desktop or laptop, of course. You can play on the move as well as using your mobile phone, your tablet or any other compatible mobile device. You won’t need to download the slot or software to play Fruits Go Bananas. You do not need to free up valuable memory space on your mobile phone or tablet for large native apps or cumbersome software. Just launch your usual preferred mobile internet browser, and the slot game will open in your browser directly, and you can then enjoy all the normal functions of the game. You get all the identical great gameplay, unique bonus features and everything you would expect if playing on a large screen. You can enjoy playing Fruits Go Bananas slots or no matter where you are, and all you essentially need is a stable and robust WiFi connection. It is designed for tablets and mobile phones, including iOS, Android and Windows devices and all the latest operating systems. The slot can be played using Flash-based Instant Play mode, which will allow you to start playing without waiting or downloading. There is also the choice of downloading the game onto your mobile devices or desktop.

RTP, Volatility and Summary

You can adjust and set the variance level. It is exceptionally straightforward and easy to do, click on the level variance control at the bottom of the screen. You can select three different volatility levels: high, standard and low. If you are new to slot machine gaming, this might sound a bit confusing, but it is not. The variance level determines how likely you are to land a win and how likely this win is to be a large one. Low variance slot machines pay out a bit more often, and most of the winnings payout are somewhat smaller. High volatility slots might see you landing less winnings; however, when wins come, they are more likely to be massive ones. Standard variance is somewhere in between the 2, no matter which level you choose, you can still win smaller and larger payouts,; however, the volatility level is a rough guide of what to expect. Many newer players might like to start with a lower variance, while you get the hang of playing the game. The more experienced gamers prefer slots with high variance and love the action and intense thrill of massively wins, so always keep in mind. Why not try out all the volatility levels and se.e which you prefer?