Crime Scene Slots

No one wants to find themselves in the middle of a crime scene, but you might just make an exception in this case. NetEnt has created the Crime Scene slot game, and it contains many elements you might guess would appear.

At first glance, it may not seem to be the most intriguing of slots. However, just as a crime scene reveals more the closer you look at it, so this slot game reveals more too…

Reels and lines

There are five reels in play here, and you get 15 lines to bet on.

Coin values

Coins in this game go from a penny apiece to a dollar apiece. You get the chance to increase your total bet by wagering up to 10 coins on each line as well.

Crime Scene special icons to hunt for

You’ll spot a police badge on the reels from time to time, and this is a wild. Better still, it is a sticky wild. That means it can remain in position for as many as five spins. If you win a prize with the help of a sticky wild, it will be multiplied by x3.

Can you reveal any bonus features?

Yes, there is a feature to unlock if you can find three bonus symbols (or more) in a spin. This icon features a series of fingerprints. When this appears, you are taken to another screen where you can choose from a wide selection of files. Some feature credit amounts, and others feature fingerprints.

The fingerprints can match with the prints at the foot of the screen. You might also get a red cross, a second chance to choose again, or more fingerprints. The game is longer than you might expect to see in a bonus feature, and even if you reach the main folder that appears, you could still be taken back to the main bonus once more. You never know how long it will last for.

Download, investigate, and play Crime Scene slots from NetEnt now

Crime Scene is not the first game we have seen based on this theme, but it is still quite unusual. We liked the game a lot, and while there are no free spins to be won, the presence of the unusual bonus feature adds a lot of excitement to the game. Will you get as far as the evidence folders, and if so, what will you find there?