Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

If you are looking for something different and innovative, Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped is the slot for you. It has a monster layout of 7 x 7 reels, no pay lines, with wins coming via cluster wins. It’s all exhilarating and entertaining. The game is jam-packed with exceptional and exciting features that add tremendous value to the game. The sequel surpasses the original with flying colours! The bonuses and unique casino features add s touch of excellence and class, not to mention additional chances to win a huge payout. The game delivers an action-packed adventure with high tension casino action from start to finish.

Sweet Tooth, Special Icons

Sugar Pop 2 serves up a virtual paradise of sweets and candy. They are everywhere, from the backdrop to the reels. If you like sweets, then your sweet tooth will be satisfied! The game is full of casino features, and gambling action. The Red Gum Drop icon is the Free Spins symbol, and it frequently appears on the reels to contribute to the winning chances. The individual candies symbols drop into the grid from above, altering and replacing other candies on the grid. Impressive icons include; a Jelly Bean Cannon, a Fizzy Pop Logo, Candy Hammers, and Mystery Symbols, bringing special powers with them when they appear on the screen. Landing three or more matching symbols on the reels ensures an exceptional experience. Landing three similar symbols, vertically or horizontally on the reels ensures players win a prize. If however, the special candy symbol appears, it can replace other symbols, thereby creating winning combinations leading to higher payouts.

Bonuses & more Bonuses!

Since Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped is a 3D, 5-reel, bonus, video slot, one can expect loads of excitement and hot casino action. There are several ways to win playing this game. The bonus features are second to none, adding value to an already complete game. To win a payout of sorts, players will need to connect clusters of 4 or more contiguous symbols. The Wild Candy symbol is another symbol of power. Land 5 in a winning cluster and a healthy payout will ensue, as the cluster will explode, creating additional winning possibilities. The Wild icon can replace all the symbols apart from the Free Spin and Level-Up symbols.

Cluster Free Spins

Getting into the Free Spins round should be a priority, as the potential to win a high payout increase exponentially. So, a cluster of four Free Spins symbols activates the round, immediately awarding players with Free Spins. Landing four symbols wins 5 Free Spins, and landing five symbols gains more, and up to 15 symbol on the reels wins 27 more Free Spins! It’s almost like a multiplier effect, and the more one plays, the better the Free Spins awarded.

Candy Bomb Wins

Another possibility to win comes with the Candy Bomb feature. Landing 5 or more Cluster Bomb icons triggers the Bomb! The mire Cluster wins, the bigger the explosion. It can affect up to 20 symbols if the most potent bomb explodes on the reels. The bomb is kept in storage until all the other wins have been exhausted and displayed on the screen. Once activated, it has the potential for massive payouts. Destroying a certain amount of symbols will award plates with a generous cash prize.

Level Up to 29!

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped is all about generous bonuses and moving up the levels to reach the pinnacle of the game, with the best payouts. Each Level Up icon that lands on the reels, advance players by four levels. In no time at all players can reach that 29th level and the summit! Each level brings with it new bonuses and chances to win. The Exploding Wins add another dimension to the game and increased possibilities of winning. As the symbols explode, new ones drop into place, creating additional winning chances.

Sweet Symbols

As one might expect, most of Rhfc game symbols are connected with candy and sweets. Expect to find such sweet tooth gets such as a Fizz Pop and a Lollipop, Jelly Bean Cannon, a Fizzy Pop Logo, Candy Hammers, and Mystery Symbols. There are the aforementioned Exploding Bomb, the fantastic and impressive Morphing Golden Wild Candy, Level Up symbol, and Free Spins symbols of power. The game also features Chocolate Surprise Eggs! The sweet symbols add that magic flavour and humorous atmosphere, which is pretty immersive.

Sequel Improvements

While the original Sugar Pop was a sure-fire hit, the sequel expands and improves on the original in more ways than one. Besides improved graphics, bonuses and more explicit game symbols, the sequel expands the reels from the original’s 5 x 5, upping them to a 7 x 7 layout, which increases the action tremendously. The wagering process is easy and smooth going, with the sweet theme of enveloping the gameplay from start to finish. The Jelly Bean Cannon that fires Jelly Beans into the air is an amusing and entertaining inclusion, which adds atmospheric intensity, especially if the beans land on lucrative spots. With a high, maximum payout of over 28,000 coins, there is indeed no shortage of winning opportunities. This game is just in a series of Slots3™ with more releases planned shortly. Don’t miss the chance to play one of the great new Slots3™, starting with Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped. Experience the sweet things in life!