Triple 10x Wild Slots

Although this game looks like a classic retro, arcade atmosphere, do not let looks deceive you as this is a fast paced game with plenty of surprises and multipliers. It is the good old slot machine with a twist. This is a dynamic game with lots of adventures and high stakes.

This game represents old fashioned slot machine so that we tend to feel very comfortable playing as it is something which is very familiar to us. At the top of the slots, there is a complete and interactive pay table. The set of reels is the model which we usually expect to see the reels with the big square buttons at the bottom. A familiar sight yet an efficient one too. Triple 10 x Wild Slots is very eye catching and colourful and we are sure that this game will attract you to the point that that you will get hooked in not time and want to play this game over and over again.

This game has 3 reels and a single horizontal pay line in the middle. The pattern of the gameplay is classic and the command bar is under the reels. This regular style of game will allow you to find it easy to start playing this game and to get comfortable with it. To trigger cash rewards you must line up specific symbol combinations onto that pay line throughout the game.

You can either bet 1 credit, 2 credits or 3 credits per spin. You can increase your bet by pressing the Up button and decrease your bet by pressing the Down button (+ or -). To start playing this game, simply press the Spin button. Is this your lucky day? The higher you wager your bet, the more money you are likely to win. You can play the highest bet possible by pressing the Max Button. You can also play this game automatically by pressing the Auto Play button. The game will then be played automatically for you and you can just sit back and watch the reels spin and your money piling up. When you want to revert to manual mode, just press the Spin button again. The Auto Play will also come to an end if you run out of money.

Whenever you have any queries regarding prizes and winning combinations, just have a look at the pay table. The pay table is split into 3 columns which correspond to the 3 bet levels available. The easiest combinations to hit are 1 cherry or 2 cherries accompanied by any other symbol. This combination give you a small pay out from 2 to 6 credits which depends on your initial bet. If you hit a triple bar sign, a triple dollar sign or a triple cherry combination you could win up to 45 credits as a reward. The bells and red sevens which trigger out larger pay outs on the reels are more difficult to find in the reels of Triple 10 x Wild Slots. However, if you do manage to find any of these icons, you could win between 25 and 150 credits. But there are many more surprises to come.

A x 3 symbol on the reels multiplies your current reward by 3 and 2 of these symbols will do this 9 times over. A x 10 symbol will add a 0 to the end of your pay out and if you get both a x 3 and a x 10 these will multiply your rewards by 30. If you manage to get a x 3 - x 3 - x 10 combination on the reels, the pay line will give you access to the game's top jackpot. Depending on the value of your bet (the higher your bet, the more you will win) you can win either 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 at once. This is a great jackpot to win as the prize is so high in value. Take a risk and place your bets and start playing Triple 10 x Wild Slots today. Therefore the most important symbols on the reels are the x 3 and the x 10 and depending on the combination you manage to hit, then the multipliers are applied to give you a large bonus amount. What are you waiting for? You could walk away with $30,000 today!

This slot game with an arcade atmosphere has a boxful of surprises for you that keep giving more and more rewards. The gameplay is easy and versatile and this will encourage you to play this game. Since winning that bonus happens totally by chance this means that you could be the lucky one. Are you lucky enough to walk away with the top reward of this slot? There is only one way to find out.