Promotions at Club Vegas Casino

Club Vegas is a great online casino with plenty of benefits if you want to start playing. One of the best things about it is the wealth of promotions the site has to offer.

We’ve listed a few of them here but your best bet is to go to the site itself to check it out and to see what else you can look forward to there.

A $7 free bonus to use while testing their games

This might not sound like much but you get seven dollars paid into your account when you join. This means you can use these dollars to play a few of their games to see which ones you like the most. We’d recommend you bet the lowest amounts on each one to get the most of your few dollars for free, and who knows you might just win!

300% bonus on the first deposit you make

It gets better once you start depositing cash into your account to play with. For example this 300% bonus is paid out on the amount you deposit to get started. There’s an upper limit of $150 here but it still means you get a great free bonus for depositing a reasonable amount to start playing on the site.

More bonuses the more deposits you make

This one is even better than the ones we’ve mentioned above. Club Vegas Casino obviously knows how people love the bonuses, so they’ve ensured you can enjoy more of them on your next 200 – yes, two hundred – deposits at the site.

These are 20% bonuses throughout the process here, but for every tenth one you make they will bump it up to a 100% bonus. This is great news as you can keep up a great number of benefits here. Be warned though – if you decide you want to make a withdrawal it automatically stops this promotion from carrying on, so think carefully before you carry on!

Check out the promotions at Club Vegas Casino now

We all love some great promotions and that’s exactly what you can get when you visit this particular casino. Check out a great range of games at the site today and see which ones you could spend some of that free cash on when you start making deposits. Maybe you’ll strike it lucky when you get started on this site.