Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Aim for the Progressive Jackpot

To say that you don't have a mid life crisis is just simply not true, everyone has some kind of mid-life crisis whether it is to do with relationships or how you look. This five reel 9 payline progressive slots game is a humorous study of a mid life crisis and offers colorful symbols which include Jacuzzis, yachts, parachuting middle age men, motorbikes, sports cards, hair pieces, sexy women and more. If you have a good sense of humor you will love this Mid- Life Crisis slots game which also gives you a chance to win a fantastic progressive jackpot of over $100000.

Aim for the Progressive Jackpot

There are two main bonus games when playing Mid-Life Crisis slots which can be accessed in different ways. These bonus games are in addition to the base screen games which are played where you can win some handsome amounts of money. Bets are set at $0.25 per coin size but you can choose the number of coins that you want to place per payline which varies from 1 until 5. In order to win the progressive jackpot you need to have placed a maximum bet of all of the possible coins which is 45 coins. Five of the sports car symbols on the main screen will give you the progressive jackpot only if you have placed a maximum bet.

Different Bonus Games Offered

If you are playing Mid-Life Crisis slots just for the progressive jackpot then this is a mistake, of course the progressive jackpot is a good landmark to aim for but you can also enjoy the bonus games offered and base games along the way. Three of the mid life crisis symbols together which are the bald man, the gold chains and the toupees will give you up to 350 credits in multiplying scatters. Three of the lovely ladies on your screen take you to a new screen to play the Adventure Ideas game.

Comical Adventure Ideas Bonus Game

In the Adventure Ideas bonus game you have a choice of different characters and special drinks to give to these characters. Depending on what you choose and how it affects each character you can win different amounts of money. This Adventure Ideas bonus game is very comical and includes a young sexy woman who changes with the potion to an old woman. In order to play Mid Life Crisis slots you must have a sense of humor as many of the symbols and actions in the game invoke a little bit of teasing of the mid life crisis situation. This game is fun and exciting while offering you endless ways to win coupled with a large progressive jackpot that grows daily. It may not be paradise slots but it does bring you closer to your own paradise especially if you win the progressive jackpot.