Mermaid's Palace Casino

Everyone loves a new casino to check out once in a while, don’t they? We’ve found the Mermaid’s Palace Casino to share with you, so let’s see what we can find there.

What does the home page have to offer? Make no mistake: this is a lively and engaging home page filled with color. You also get a bonus player offer appearing on your screen. You can choose whether to try the instant play mode or download the casino for free on this pop-up too, so it’s worth reading what it has to say. The home page design is pretty unusual. You’ll see lots of screenshots of various games in the background, while the foreground is taken up with a message about the casino and the ever-rising progressive jackpot. It’s certainly an unusual home page but it grabs your attention from the moment you see it.

What games does the Mermaid’s Palace Casino offer?

In short, lots of them! You can access the list by clicking the ‘games’ link at the foot of the home page. It’s becoming more common on websites now to be able to look through the games according to what type they are, and that’s certainly the case here. You can look at the most popular ones as well as selecting video slots, classic video slots and other games too. It’s the easiest way to find what you are looking for.

Does Mermaid’s Palace Casino offer good promotions too?

They do, and they’ve got a special page set up for those as well. There’s the usual sign-up bonus to look forward to, but they also offer a weekly deposit coupon selection to look through.

Can you see who’s won what recently on the site?

Yes, if you stay on the page of promotions mentioned above, you can look at a list of recent winners that constantly scrolls up. These include winners who have picked up thousands of dollars in prize money, so it’s worth checking out which games look to have been lucky for some of these people.

Check out Mermaid’s Palace Casino today!

If you’re looking for a selection of great games and promotions to tempt you into playing some online slots, Mermaid’s Palace Casino is a great place to do it at. This could be your new favorite if you give it a try and join up today. Don’t forget to grab your welcome bonus!