Lucky Number Slots

Do you have a lucky number? Many people do and it might just come in handy when you are playing games like the Lucky Number Slots.

Where do lucky numbers come from?

There are countless reasons why some numbers are considered to be lucky while other ones aren’t. For example it is generally considered that thirteen is an unlucky number – which is why some buildings don’t have a thirteenth floor or hotel rooms ending in thirteen.

But then you have lucky number seven. This is popular as a lucky number in many different cultures. In addition to this other numbers are lucky to specific people. These could be for any number of reasons, but we’ll reveal more below.

Do you always bet on your lucky number?

If you have an opportunity to choose a lucky number then you will probably bet on it. The Lucky Number Slots are a bit different from choosing numbers on a lottery ticket or selecting a number in a roulette game. But the principle is the same – if you see your lucky number and you have a chance to bet on it, you probably will!

How do you decide which numbers are lucky?

There are all kinds of ways we choose our own lucky numbers. Some people will avoid number thirteen because it is deemed to be unlucky, while they will choose number seven because it is one of the luckiest numbers of the lot.

But what would you do if you had a significant date or birthday on the thirteenth? Would it become lucky for you then?

The chances are it would, because it is deemed to be lucky for you. For example it could be your wedding anniversary or the day your child was born. This would certainly be a lucky event, and indeed many people do pick lucky numbers based on personal dates, house numbers and years.

Do lucky numbers make you lucky?